ACADEMICS Graduate Administration Dismissal/Voluntary Withdrawal
  • - Students who did not reregister during the specified period after the end of their leave of absence
  • - Students who did not register during the specified period without a valid reason
  • - Students who have exceeded the maximum number of semesters without graduating
  • - Students who have received academic probation three consecutive times or four times in total (two times in total for students who have reentered school after academic probation). However, students who have satisfied the conditions for graduation and will graduate after applying the grades of the relevant semester are excluded.
  • - Students with duplicate registration
Voluntary Withdrawal
  • - Students must submit the Voluntary Withdrawal Request with the cause of withdrawal to the Division of Educational Affairs (3rd Floor, No. 308, University Main Building).
  • ※ A copy of the student’s bank account and ID are needed for a tuition refund.
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