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Start-Up Courses
Start-Up Track installed to the master’s degree programs to facilitate the emergence of the next generation of entrepreneurs
Conditions for the Degree
  • - Completion of the semester limit for completion of studies in accordance with Article 56 of the University Regulations
  • - Acquisition of credits needed for the completion of the Start-Up Courses with a CGPA of 3.0 (B°) or above
Conditions for the Degree
Classification Graduate School Special Graduate School Professional Graduate School
Industry Housing and Urban Planning Railway, Public Policy and IT, Nano IT Design Fusion Convergence Science
Semester Limit for Completion 2years 2.5years 2.5years 2years 2years
Credit Requirements for Graduation 24credits 30credits 33credits 33credits 30credits
Degree Awarded Academic degree Professional degree Professional degree Professional degree Professional degree
  • - Completion of the designated mandatory courses
  • - Business registration and more than KRW 5 million in sales while enrolled as a student
  • - Completion of more than six credits of Start-Up Courses in Graduate School
    (※ For Special and Professional Graduate Schools, completion of more than six credits of Start-Up Courses and three credits of Start-Up Research Subjects )
  • - Thesis required for Graduate School
    (※ Exempted for Special and Professional Graduate Schools)
  • - Submit the Supervising Professor Approval Form marked with the Start-Up Course within the submission period.
  • - Exempted from the Degree Thesis Submission Qualification Examination
  • - [Graduate School] Exempted from the requirement of academic paper submission and presentation
  • - [Special and Professional Graduate Schools] Three credits of Start-Up Research Subjects instead of the Paper Research course
  • - Up to six credits earned in the Start-Up Courses may count toward graduation.
  • - Students who are enrolled in the Start-Up–Oriented Combined Integrated Master’s Program must enroll in the Start-Up Course
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