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Undergraduate–Master Combination Program
The Undergraduate–Master Combination Program allows students to acquire the credits for graduating both the undergraduate and master’s courses early through a combined program, shortening the semesters required for graduation by one semester each (up to one year maximum) and allowing students to acquire their bachelor’s and master’s degrees simultaneously.
Types of Programs: General, Major Expansion, and Start-Up
Requirements for Each Program
  • - Common: Enrollment and completion of six credits of graduate school level courses during the undergraduate course
  • - Program-specific
  • - Major Expansion
  • - Start-up
  • ※Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees will not be issued without the fulfillment of these conditions.
  • - May only apply for programs that are considered to be in the same group of majors as the student’s undergraduate major However, the student is exempted from this restriction if he/she acquires the approval of the department.
  • - Students who have satisfied the credit requirements for graduation, and have fulfilled the following conditions in full (current student)
Department Standard (Excluding Architecture) Architecture Major
Graduating Semester Until 4th semester Until 5th semester Until 6th semester Until 6th semester Until 7th semester Until 8th semester
Credit at Graduation Until the class of 2016 Above 70 Above 85 Above 105 Above 105 Above 115 Above 140
From the class of 2017 Above 65 Above 81 Above 98 Above 98 Above 114 Above 130  
  • - Students with a CGPA of 3.4 and above
  • - Students with recommendations from the head professors of the undergraduate department and the graduate school
Number of openings: Less than 20% of the master’s degree openings in the Graduate School
Registering for master’s program after undergraduate graduation
  • - Students who have managed to satisfy the college-specific credit requirements for graduation* within seven or eight semesters (for five-year courses (i.e., architecture), nine or 10 semesters) and have a CGPA of 3.4 or above
  • * The undergraduate credit requirements for students in the Undergraduate–Master Combination Program are calculated as credit requirements listed in Article 79 of the University Regulations, subtracted by six credit points.
  • - Undergraduate (Four years): 140 credit points − 6 credit points = 134 credit points
  • - Undergraduate (Five years): 160 credit points − 6 credit points = 154 credit points
  • ※ For students who drop out of the Combination Program, their graduate school-level major credit points (six credit points in total) are transferred to their undergraduate record as department general electives.
  • - Students who are eligible for graduation and the completion of the Combination Program
  • - Students who have acquired six or more credits in major courses offered by the graduate school of their choice
  • - Students who have already completed their registration for the graduate school
  • - Scholarship support
  • - Exemption from the master’s program entrance examination (special entrance)
  • - Opportunities to take part in graduate school programs during their undergraduate career
Students entering graduate schools through Combination Programs: In principle, students must satisfy the graduation requirements by their 3rd semester in their master’s program, and students who fail to do so must pay the tuition fee for their remaining semesters in full before their graduation.
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