ACADEMICS Graduate Administration Leave of absence / Reregistration
Leave of absence / Reregistration
Registering for a leave of absence / reregistration
  • - During semester registration periods in February/August, refer to the school’s web page – Graduate School notice (registration period)
  • - Reregistration must be made within the first quarter in the number of lessons for the semester.
ength of leave of absence
  • - May not exceed more than two semesters per leave of absence (※Students are not permitted to apply for a leave of absence on their first semester )
  • - Limitations to leave of absence: No more than four semesters for master’s and doctor’s programs; no more than six semesters for integrated programs
Types of leave of absence and documents required
  • - Military service: Draft letter
  • - Medical reasons: Medical diagnosis of more than four weeks of treatment
  • - Childcare reasons for children less than eight years of age (equivalent to second grade), pregnancy, or childbirth: Proof of pregnancy or childbirth, family relations certificate, and others
  • - Start-up creation: Business license or official copy thereof
  • - Other causes: Explanation of reason, proof of relations
Registering for a leave of absence / renewal / reregistration
  • - University Portal – Seoultech University Information System – Student Affairs – Leave of Absence or reregistration
  • - Students whose leave of absence has expired (those who did not reregister for the semester), students who are not registered for the semester will be dismissed without notice within the semester in question.
  • - Students who do not pay any tuition fee must review the tuition fee notice on the SUIS before their registration.
  • - Recipients of financial aid must place a “Leave of Absence Notice” at Enrollment ⇒ Tuition Fee Payment ⇒ Leave of Absence Notice to maintain their aid privileges.
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