ACADEMICS Graduate Administration Conditions for Graduation
Conditions for Graduation
Completion of the semester limit for completion of studies in accordance with Article 56 of the University Regulations
Fulfillment of the credits required for a degree graduation, and a CGPA of 3.0 (B°) or above
Conditions for Graduation
Classification Graduate School*

Special Graduate School
(Industry and Engineering,

Housing and Urban Planning)

Professional Graduate School

Graduate School of Railway,

Convergence Science

Public Policy and Information Technology,

NID Fusion Technology

Master’s Doctor’s Integrated Master’s** Master’s Doctor’s Integrated Master’s** Doctor’s Integrated
Semester Limit for Completion 2years 2years 4years 2.5years 2years(2.5years) 2.5years 4years 2years(2.5years) 2.5years 4years
Credit Requirements for Graduation 24 36 60 27(30) 27 36 60 30(33) 36 60
* he credits required for graduating master’s, doctor’s, and integrated programs within the Graduate School do not include the (major requirements) six credits for Paper Research sessions
** Students who are registering for Paper Exemption in the Graduate School of Industry must fulfill 30 credits.
If all prerequisites are fulfilled
If the designated mandatory subjects are fulfilled
For international students, upon satisfaction of the standards that were established during the application process.
Receipt of a certificate of completion after a completion of the safety training for permanent researchers
(※ Limited to Graduate School Engineering and Science departments )
※(For students exceeding the semester limit for completion of studies) Students who have failed to complete the requirements within the semester limit must pay the tuition fees for credits that they must earn to complete their graduation requirements.
· In such case, a student must pay 1/2 of the total tuition fee for the semester if he/she takes three or less credits, and the full tuition for credits beyond four.
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