ACADEMICS Graduate Administration Change of Major
Change of Major
  • - Students who have completed their first semester with six or more credits completed
  • - Students with more than two completed semesters (no restrictions in place for international students); students who have already changed their major (a change of major is permitted only once during a student’s academic career)
  • - Individual review per department
Application period
  • - Early January and July; check the Seoultech website – Graduate School Notice for more details
How to Apply
  • - Consult with the head professor and the supervising professor of the department, and submit the Change of Major Application to the Division of Educational Affairs (3rd Floor, University Main Building)
  • - Once the application is approved, the student may not cancel the change in major anymore.
  • - If the student fails to register or reregister to Seoultech, the approval shall be cancelled.
  • - The department has the exclusive decision in credit transfer for approved changes in major.
  • - Students may not apply for a general leave of absence for the first semester after changing their major.
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