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Title SeoulTech Awarded 13.7 billion(KRW) for "Self-Growing Artificial Intelligence" Basic Research Lab Project
Writer admin ReadCount 2750 Date 2023-07-19

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SeoulTech Awarded 13.7 billion(KRW) for "Self-Growing Artificial Intelligence" Basic Research Lab Project

Awarded the Ministry of Science and ICT's Artificial Intelligence Group Research Support Project (Basic Research Laboratory)

Conducting fundamental research in computer vision and core technologies for long-term artificial intelligence applications.


SeoulTech has been selected for a new in-depth project under the "Basic Research Laboratory (BRL) Support Program" funded by the Ministry of Science and ICT and the National Research Foundation of Korea. The selected SeoulTech research team from the Department of Applied Artificial Intelligence, led by Professors Park Jongyeol, Oh Beomseok, Kim Byungsoo, and Kim Hanul, will focus on advancing existing research in the field.  Over the next three years, SeoulTech will receive 13.75 billion KRW in research funding to conduct this project.


The Basic Research Laboratory Support Program is a government-funded research and development initiative aimed at supporting and fostering basic research teams focused on specific research topics to enhance the nation's basic research capabilities.


Among the three categories of advanced, pioneering, and convergent, Seoul National University of Science and Technology's Artificial Intelligence Department research team, selected for the advanced category, aims to nurture a research group that deepens existing research.


This in-depth project aims to develop "Multi-Learning-Based Meta-Cognition Technology for Self-Growth" and conduct fundamental research on core technologies in computer vision and long-term artificial intelligence. It is expected that this research will lay the foundation for self-growing artificial intelligence and generative artificial intelligence.


SeoulTech established the Department of Applied Artificial Intelligence in 2021, focusing on nurturing key talent in the field of artificial intelligence. The department has been expanding its application areas beyond core technologies such as visual intelligence, common-sense reasoning, reinforcement learning, massive models, and generative artificial intelligence into various fields, including environmental applications, digital twins, drone control, and human-computer interaction (HCI).


SeoulTech is actively pursuing international cooperation for the development and advancement of new artificial intelligence technologies. Leveraging the Basic Research Laboratory program as a foundation, SeoulTech is collaborating with institutions such as the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Canada, the University of Buffalo in the United States, and Microsoft on global talent exchange and the development of new AI technologies.


In particular, SeoulTech's Supercomputer Data Center, recently established with an investment of 4 billion KRW, possesses a GPU cluster with a performance of 40 PetaFLOPS. This supercomputer facility is capable of rapid data processing and conducting various experiments based on massive models.


Professor Park Jongyeol, who also serves as the director of SeoulTech's Supercomputer Data Center, expressed, "Following the construction of a GPU cluster, a key hardware component for ultra-large artificial intelligence, this project award related to commonsense-based artificial intelligence technology marks a significant milestone for SeoulTech to lead the era of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)."

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