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Title SeoulTech's ST Sharing Team engages in continuous social contributions through the "Winter Volunteer Service in the Philippines."
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SeoulTech's ST Sharing Team engages in continuous social contributions through the "Winter Volunteer Service in the Philippines."
- Overseas volunteering through collaboration with local communities, connected by love and care
- Volunteers create their own content and local mentees are very satisfied with a 4.96 rating

□ From January 17th (Wed) to 24th (Wed), the ST Sharing Volunteer Group of Seoul National University of Science and Technology (SeoulTech) successfully conducted an overseas volunteer program in the Philippines under the theme of 'Bridging Gaps, Building Futures' for a total of 6 days and 8 nights.
□ The overseas volunteer project, planned and overseen by the SeoulTech Student Affairs Office and the dedicated social service organization ST Sharing Contribution Team, was organized based on the memorandum of understanding between SeoulTech and UST Angelicum College in the Philippines (Angelicum College, President Rev. Fr. Herminio V. Dagohoy, O.P.). This marks the second occurrence of the project, following a winter break in the 2022 academic year.
□ A Winter Immersion Program was conducted for participants from the organization involved in the Re-entry Education Agenda for the Poor (REAP) program operated by Angelicum College.
  ◦ The REAP program at Angelicum College provides free basic education to disadvantaged groups such as low-income individuals, children and youth affected by domestic violence as well as human trafficking, who are out of school in the Philippines.
  ◦ The REAP program is a community engagement initiative aimed at supporting individuals to become productive and responsible members of the community through collaboration with local societies.
□ The overseas volunteer program was carried out through collaborative efforts between SeoulTech students and students from the Korean Sejong Institute at Angelicum College. The program, consisting of Korean language education, science education, and cultural volunteering, garnered significant interest and enthusiastic participation from Filipino students.
  ◦ SeoulTech's overseas volunteer program collaborated with two non-profit organizations affiliated with Angelicum College's REAP program in Manila, Philippines. The volunteers engaged in service activities for children and adults supported by the ‘Laura Vicuña Foundation, Inc.’ and the ‘Sisters of the Poor of St. Catherine of Sienna.'
  ◦ A team of 20 SeoulTech students participated in the overseas volunteer program, forming diverse teams with themes centered around education and culture.
     - 2 educational volunteer teams: ▲Education of science experiments on eco-friendly topics (EF: Eco-Friendly Team) ▲Korean language education using 'K-content' and 'Tagalog' (Moamoa Team)
     - 2 cultural service teams: ▲ Traditional Korean culture experience (calligraphy, folding screen, and tea ceremony) (Bubbly~ Four Treasures of the Study Team) ▲ Korean cultural lessons through fairy tales (Cultural President Team)
     - 1 video filming team: ▲Filming, editing, and assisting with lessons (You-US Team)
□ This year's outreach was designed in close collaboration with our partner organizations as part of our commitment to making a positive impact in the community.
□ In particular, the SeoulTech students who participated in the program planned educational and cultural exchange contents themselves. With a satisfaction rating of 4.96 (out of 5) among the local mentees, they were able to transcend differences in culture, race, and social norms in other countries, thus increasing their sense of community and participation.
□ The ST Sharing Contribution Team held a closing ceremony on February 5 (Mon), where participants shared their achievements and experiences from the volunteer activity. They received recognition and gratitude for their individual efforts and contributions in successfully concluding this activity. 
□ Vice President of the Office of International Affairs Tae Hee Kim attended the overseas volunteer program as a mentor and stated, "I hope that students from the overseas volunteer team, through their volunteer experience in the Philippines, have expanded their global perspectives and experienced communicating and collaborating with individuals from different cultures and values."
□ Student representative Geun Ho Hong (Computer Science/’22) said, "I expected to have a positive impact on students starting from the class planning to the actual classes in the Philippines. Contrary to my expectations, it seems like we received more influence from the students in the Philippines who participated in the classes." He added, "The memories and experiences gained through overseas volunteer work are priceless. I learned the true meaning of volunteering, and I plan to continue volunteering with this mindset."


□ Student deputy representative Ye Won Kim (Public Administration/ '21) said, " I could feel that the small changes we made together have significant meaning in someone's life. I learned compassion and a new perspective toward the world from various people I met. I believe this precious experience will have a great impact on my future life."



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▲ Group photo with Angelicum College staff



▲ Engaging in cultural volunteering at Angelicum College



▲ Conducting cultural classes with mentees from the Sisters of the Poor of St. Catherine of Sienna organization



▲ Conducting science and Korean language education volunteer activities at Angelicum College.





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