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Title [SeoulTech Career Center Hosts the '2nd ST Career Competition']
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SeoulTech Career Center Hosts the '2nd ST Career Competition.

University Employment Plus Center Initiative: Empowering Career Exploration and Planning

Strategic Employability Skills Enhancement through Career Planning, Job Understanding, and Company Analysis Experiences



The University Employment Plus Center at SeoulTech's (President Lee Dong-hoon)Career Center, is excited to announce the '2nd ST Career Competition,' running from Wednesday, October 4th, to Tuesday, November 14th.

The 'ST Career Competition' is a unique program designed to enrich students' experiences in career exploration, strategic career planning, and fostering a deeper understanding of job roles and corporate environments. This initiative is geared towards equipping students with the skills and insights necessary to excel in their future careers. The inaugural competition took place in December 2022.

It comprises three parts: career planning, job analysis, and company analysis. Participants will attend theme-related lectures over approximately two months, engage in team-based consulting, and subsequently submit analysis tasks related to their chosen fields. The process involves task submission, receiving feedback categorized by field, and a judging phase to determine the winning teams.

Participants in the competition enhance their job-related skills through experiences such as attending field-specific lectures and preparing analysis reports. This helps them strengthen their career competencies and plan their career paths independently in the future.

Participants have the opportunity for speech coaching to prepare for interviews and can earn 50 points in extracurricular program scores recognized by SeoulTech's EPiC graduation requirements. Outstanding participants will also receive commemorative items.

In particular, this year's competition has expanded the consulting opportunities for students' demands. In addition to the top teams in each category (3 teams), all winning teams (a total of 18 teams) will receive speech coaching for job interviews.

Byun Jae-won, the Director of SeoulTech's Career Center, expressed the hope that "through the ST Career Competition, students preparing for employment can have the opportunity to understand and design their career paths." He added, "I hope that the experience of participating in this competition will serve as a focal point for the future growth and development of SeoulTech students."

The University Employment Plus Center at SeoulTech's Career Center at the University Employment Plus Center operates various programs to enhance the skills of current students and unemployed graduates, as well as to improve job support satisfaction.

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Poster for the 2nd ST Career Competition




On-site photos from the 1st ST Career Competition



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