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Title [SeoulTech Successfully Concludes 'K-Global Summer School']
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SeoulTech Successfully host 'K-Global Summer School'

Students can develop global entrepreneurial skills without going abroad.


Seoul National University of Science and Technology (President Lee Dong-hoon, hereinafter referred to as SeoulTech) successfully hosted the 'SeoulTech K-Global Summer School' from July 1st (Saturday) to July 30th (Sunday) for a duration of four weeks.

The 'SeoulTech K-Global Summer School,' held for the first time this year, was an international exchange program aimed at fostering the entrepreneurial spirit of Korean and American students. A total of 38 students (22 from Northeastern University in the United States, 12 from KAIST IP Gifted Education Institute, and 4 from SeoulTech) formed joint teams to experience Korea's startup ecosystem.

Key program highlights included providing solutions for global expansion projects of startups, producing a video introducing traditional Korean markets, special lectures by venture entrepreneurs, visits to Korea's venture startup ecosystem (Pangyo Startup Valley, Maru180, etc.), and cultural exploration activities.

Under the theme of "Entrepreneurship & Global Consulting," five companies (Greyd, Jienem, Taper Labs, The Trive, WELT) participated in the program. Students worked on various tasks related to global issues faced by startups from different fields and presented their results to company representatives, fostering entrepreneurial thinking and innovative ideas.

In addition to entrepreneurship activities, basic Korean language education was provided to American students who showed a keen interest in the Korean language and culture. They also had the opportunity to experience various aspects of Korean culture, including visits to Gyeongbokgung Palace, the Korean Folk Village, temple stays, and the DMZ.

SeoulTech student Son Seong-bin, who participated in the program, shared his thoughts, saying, "I was able to learn about world cultures beyond Korea by working in teams with foreign students. It was a valuable experience where I gained knowledge and skills related to global business consulting and entrepreneurship."

Lee Chae-won, Director of the SeoulTech Office of International Affairs, mentioned, "Unlike traditional global programs that mainly involve sending Korean students abroad, we maximized the program's effectiveness by inviting American university students to Korea." She added, "In the future, we plan to continue providing opportunities for SeoulTech students to cultivate their global entrepreneurial capabilities through international exchanges without the need to go abroad, aiming to nurture global leaders."
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