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Title SEOULTECH Forest (Education Program for Parents) holds 'I Am a Solo Creator’ video production class
Writer SEOULTECH ReadCount 2788 Date 2022-10-30

- Experiencing video production using the mobile application ‘VLLO'
- Participants learn how to edit a video, including shooting, cutting and trimming clips, inserting captions, and applying filters




The inaugural ‘SEOULTECH Forest (Education Program for Parents)’ program held its fourth session on Wednesday, August 24th, offering parents a class on video production using the mobile application ‘VLLO’.


Parents as well as university president Donghoon Lee attended the class on the theme of ‘I Am a Solo Creator.’ Participants had a chance to learn and experience the entire process of video editing, from shooting video to cutting and trimming clips, inserting captions, adding background music, and applying filters.


Being new to editing videos, the parents seemed to struggle at first, but thanks to the helpful and friendly student instructors, they soon got the hang of it and succeeded in producing amazing videos. At the end of the class, the parents shared impressions while watching the videos everyone had produced.









Expressing their feelings about the range of programs offered by ‘SEOULTECH Forest (Education Program for Parents)', participants said that they were beneficial and extremely satisfying.  They added that they  highly recommend ‘SEOULTECH Forest (Education Program for Parents)', and hoped more parents would participate in the second round to be held in the future.

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