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Title SeoulTech Broadcasts First “Shopping LIVE” Commercial Program Marketing “Domestic 100% Plant-based Sauce”
Writer admin ReadCount 388 Date 2022-02-09

SeoulTech Broadcasts First “Shopping LIVE” Commercial Program Marketing “Domestic 100% Plant-based Sauce” 

- Live commerce promotes the marketing of products created with the support of the SeoulTech Startup Support Group
- Plant-based product with rich umami and complex flavor



□ SeoulTech President Lee Dong-hoon hosted the university’s first live commerce broadcast “Domestic 100% Plant-based Sauce” at 2:00 pm on February 4th (Fri) at the SeoulTech ST STUDIO. This marked the first time a Korean national university in the country broadcasted a live commercial program.


□ The broadcast was conducted to introduce and promote a 'premium plant-based sauce' product from ‘Vurtle’ (CEO, Lee Chang-eon). The startup was launched with the support of the SeoulTech Startup Foundation.


□ The sauce is a purely plant-based product that does not use GMOs (genetically modified agricultural and marine products), MSG (sodium glutamate), artificial preservatives, and artificial flavoring that existing products use. The product was made for vegetarian consumption with 100% domestic seaweed extract in a certified HACCP (Korea Food Safety Management Certification) manufacturing plant.


□ The broadcast was conducted through Naver Shopping LIVE, ZOOM, and YouTube. In the Naver Shopping LIVE session, about 8,700 viewers participated in real-time. The broadcast can be viewed at any time through the SeoulTech YouTube channel.


□ Meanwhile, the SeoulTech Startup Support Foundation is discovering and supporting student startups (startup clubs) with innovative ideas. Through various support programs, the foundation strives to spread entrepreneurial culture and promote youth entrepreneurship.


□ Support for student startups includes: club support (prototype production location, etc.), club activity spaces, mentoring (technology/management), prototype production equipment (3D printer, filming studio, etc.), priority in startup programs, and support for startup cafes.


□ In addition to supporting student startups, the university provides Total Business Service to prospective and new founders through various programs, such as startup contests, Startup Mentoring Day, Industry-University Cooperation Contest, Tiumi School, and Startup Camp. Such programs seek to contribute to job creation by supporting startups’ growth.

□ Director Kim Jong-sun of the Startup Support Foundation noted that “SeoulTech will continue to actively promote the various products developed at startups through live commerce.”










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