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Title SeoulTech Environmental Technology Institute’s Environmental Service Platform Selected for the University-Based Institute Support Project
Writer admin ReadCount 2279 Date 2020-08-05

SeoulTech Environmental Technology Institute’s Environmental Service Platform Selected for the University-Based Institute Support Project
Institute will be funded for research on environmental service foundations and platforms for the next nine years


SeoulTech (President Lee Dong Hoon) was selected for the 2020 Engineering Sector University Based Institute Support Project by the Ministry of Education and the Korea Research Foundation on June 8.


The Ministry of Education selected 31 university-based institutes in the engineering sector by reviewing mid-long term cultivation plans, development potential of regional institutes, quality of research personnel, etc.


▲From above, the Creation Fusion Research Wing and Chungwoon Hall


SeoulTech’s Environmental Technology Institute (Head Shin Hyun Sang) was selected for the support project under the theme of ‘Environmental Service Platforms.’ The institute will cultivate new research personnel specializing in environmental monitoring, optimized technology, and environmental governance through consumer based bottom-up projects and top-down strategic projects in order to obtain base and practical technologies.


Environmental service platforms are support systems for environmental governance for academic, industrial, government, and local officials to cooperate on solving environmental issues existing in the local community. These platforms also have a reciprocal system that offers technological, policy, and administrative solutions by discovering, analyzing, and predicting environmental problems through scientific tools.



SeoulTech will research models for solutions to local community environmental issues through environmental service platforms for the next nine years starting from 2020 and will receive a total of  approximately 7 billion KRW and 770 million KRW annually from the government. SeoulTech has a vision of growing into a global leading university in the environmental services sector through its joint efforts with related institutions and corporations in Korea and abroad.


President Lee Dong Hoon said, “Our selection as a university-based institute will allow us to create a foundation for the development of environmental technology in the coming 4th Industrial Revolution. It will also greatly contribute to the cultivation of professionals in fusion academic sectors through the collaboration of researchers and students in different fields. We will provide financial support in hiring professional research professors and creating research facilities in order to secure the success of our research efforts.”


▲Professor Shin Hyun Sang


Professor Shin Hyun Sang, who manages and planned the Environmental Service Platform project, said, “This project was made by the Environmental Engineering major by creating the Environmental Policy specialization in 2017. We offered the first fusion undergraduate educational program in the nation and we are glad to see that the project made through these efforts was able to be received well. SeoulTech’s Environmental Technology Institute will offer connections between supply and demand for big-data based environmental platforms and will focus on cultivating professionals and R&D efforts to create leading environmental policies and systems.”




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