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Title SeoulTech Computer Engineering Students Win Gold Prize in AI Category at 'Metaverse Contest with ZEPETO'
Writer admin ReadCount 964 Date 2022-03-22

SeoulTech Computer Engineering Students Win Gold Prize in AI Category at 'Metaverse Contest with ZEPETO'

The 'Brain MetaBox' team, consisting of SeoulTech Computer Science and Engineering seniors (Jeong Sehee, Shin Eunji, Lee Suah, and mentoring professor, Kim Jaesu), won the gold prize in the artificial intelligence category at the 'Metaverse Contest with ZEPETO' hosted by the Ministry of Education and the National Research Foundation of Korea.

The competition gathered students from 46 universities participating in the Ministry of Education’s ‘University Joint Innovation Program for New Technology Talents’. The program facilitates the joint use of educational resources in the field of new technologies which are often scattered across various universities. The program aims to establish a cooperative system that fosters key talents at the national level with the active participation of industry, research institutes, academic societies, and private organizations.





The metaverse contest was conducted in the form of planning and producing a virtual university campus using the ‘ZEPETO’ platform. Participants envisioned a future campus for a metaverse university, highlighting one of the eight fields of the ‘University Joint Innovation Program for New Technology Talents.’ The eight fields consist of the following: ▲Artificial Intelligence ▲Big Data ▲Next Generation Semiconductors (system/ ) ▲Future Automobiles ▲Bio-Health ▲Realistic Media (content) ▲Intelligent Robots ▲New Energy Technology.

Gold prize winners in each field received the National Research Foundation Chairman's Award, two million won in prize money, and interview opportunities for an internship at Naver Z.

Due to the resurgence of COVID-19, the awards were given separately to the universities of the winning team. On Thursday, January 20th, an awards ceremony was held in the SeoulTech Office of the President at the University Headquarters. The awards ceremony was attended by Seoul Tech President, Lee Dong-hoon; Vice President of Education, Kim Seong-hwan; Vice President of Research and Planning, Park Mi-jeong; and Head of University Joint Innovation Project, Park Jong-yeol.










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