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Title 33 SeoulTech Mechanical and Automotive Engineering Graduates Employed at Top Korean Corporations in 2021
Writer admin ReadCount 423 Date 2022-02-03

In 2021, 33 students from the Department of Mechanical and Automobile Engineering at SeoulTech  found employment at major corporations, including Hyundai, Samsung, LG, and SK.

During the first and second semester respectively, 14 students (three at Hyundai Motor; four at Hyundai Mobis, four at Samsung Electronics, one at LG Display, two at SK Hynix) and 19 students (six at Hyundai Motor, three at Hyundai Mobis, nine at Samsung Electronics, one at LG Energy Solution) succeeded in securing employment. 

SeoulTech’s Department of Mechanical and Automobile Engineering program aims to nurture excellent engineers with expertise in both theory and practice, that domestic and foreign machinery and automobile industries demand.

SeoulTech was named the 'Best University' in the field of machinery (automobile) in the “2020 Industry Perspective University Evaluation” hosted by the Korea University Education Council (hereafter the Daekyo Association). SeoulTech also received the highest grade in the automotive field in 2016 and was selected as the best university in the field for the second time in a row. 





Since 2017, the National University Promotion Project has promoted the BEAR (Best Education for Applied Research) program to provide the following areas of support to undergraduate students: ▲ Support for undergraduate research activities ▲ Joint undergraduate and master's courses ▲ Special lectures to strengthen undergraduate students’ major and employment competency. Furthermore, SeoulTech has been offering various scholarships opportunities including support to outstanding teams in design projects and academic research funds.



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