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Graduate School
Graduate School
Cultivate global leaders equipped with academic and practical skills by strengthening in-depth academic research capacity to be leaders in a knowledge-based society, and establish various academic networks. Expand participation in national projects to utilize the research capacity of the faculty in contributing to society, and operate a curriculum that equips students with the qualities of a global leader. This can contribute to strengthening the new growth engine industry and national competitiveness connected to local industry.
Special Graduate Schools

Graduate School of Industry and Engineering

The modern industrial society requires a higher level of academic theory and knowledge together with the ability to absorb cutting edge science and technology for technicians in each area. In addition, the high-quality professionals that will lead the high-tech industrial society require creative research abilities from various industrial fields. Due to such realistic demands, the Graduate School of Industry is scientifically teaching and researching the theories and practices of industrial fields through industrial education cooperation to continually provide opportunity for lifelong and continuing education. In this way, we are cultivating high-quality graduates equipped with leadership and creativity skills.
Graduate School of Housing and Urban Planning
In welcoming the 21st century, which emphasizes quality of life, the Graduate School of Housing and Urban Planning combined with the accumulated working knowledge of the Korea Land and Housing Corporation and the research achievements of the Land & Housing Institute provides a systematic education system to the university. We will cultivate a high-quality professional workforce specialized to lead the housing industry and culture, and enhance the international competitiveness of the housing industry through joint research development and education with industries, universities, and research institutes. We will form quality living environments, and we aim to achieve housing culture at a world-class level.
Professional Graduate Schools
Graduate School of Railway
The Graduate School of Railway was jointly established by the Seoul National University of Science & Technology and the Korea Railroad Research Institute in 2000 to cultivate research development capacity in core, basic, and key technology at a global level required for the development of the railroad industry and culture. We are cultivating a specialized professional workforce in the railroad sector and providing a foundation for acquiring new technology and the self-development of railroad workers through joint research development, and supporting reeducation in culture, service, management, and job performance.
Graduate School of Public Policy and Information Technology
The Graduate School of Public Policy and Information Technology is conducting a supervising professor system for each major consisting of excellent faculty members, and cultivating individual research capacity and problem solving skills through an integrated curriculum and case studies which connect theory and practice. We aim to cultivate Master and PhD professional researchers and chief administrators to lead in future public policy, management, industrial information system, broadcasting, and multimedia area.

Graduate School of Convergence Science

The Graduate School of Convergence Science was established in 2004 with the purpose of cultivating a high quality workforce in the energy, environmental technology, and policy sectors equipped with the capacity to produce and distribute energy, develop new renewable energy, effectively utilize energy, and establish energy and environment related policies. Excellent faculty with superior research achievements and field experience were invited to cultivate a field-oriented high-quality energy, environment technology workforce with field adaptability as well as related theory. We are exerting our efforts to create a quality educational environment where the faculty can concentrate on teaching and research.
Graduate School of Nano IT Design Fusion
The Graduate School of Nano IT Design (NID) Fusion Technology was established to create new values for the country’s growth engine, to realize future-oriented convergence education, and to nurture the next generation of global leaders who are suitable for the knowledgebased and creative industry. As such, the school strives to become a front-runner in convergence industries, seeking integration among industry networks and strengthening growth engines. As the far-reaching convergence trend in NT (Nano Technology)·IT (Information Technology)·DT (Design Technology) is expected to expedite, the Graduate School of NID Fusion Technology will serve as a locomotive to usher in a new ubiquitous society―driving forward future industries and advancing various sciences and technologies.
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