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Title SeoulTech Alumnus Hwang Yu-jeong Accepted Into PhD Program at SUNY Albany
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SeoulTech Alumnus Hwang Yu-jeong Accepted Into PhD Program at SUNY Albany


Hwang Yu-jeong, an alumnus of the Dept. of Industrial Engineering's ITM programme at SeoulTech College of Engineering and Management (class of 2020, graduating in February 2024), has been accepted into the PhD program in the Dept. of Information Science at the State University of New York—University at Albany (SUNY Albany). She will begin her studies in the fall semester and receive a scholarship.



• Alumnus Hwang Yu-jeong


Located in the capital of New York State, SUNY Albany ranks fourth in the state for information science. In 2024, New York State is investing USD 20 million in AI research at the university, making it a prominent institution for AI innovation.

Additionally, SUNY Albany is recognized for its research excellence. It is classified as a Carnegie Tier 1 (R1) research university, the highest level in the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education.
Hwang graduated with a major in ITM in February 2024. She received excellent grades throughout her studies and graduated as the top student in the College of Engineering and Management.
During her Bachelor's studies in the ITM programme, Hwang conducted research activities in the Applied Probability Laboratory under the guidance of Professor Sim Min-kyu (Dept. of Industrial Engineering). She also completed her graduation research under the supervision of Professor Kwon Hyuk-yoon (Dept. of Industrial Engineering).



[Interview with Hwang Yu-jeong]
Q. Please briefly introduce yourself.
I entered the ITM programme in the Dept. of Industrial Engineering in 2020 and graduated in February 2024.
Since January, I have worked remotely as a UX researcher for Nimbyx, a multinational company with branches in Canada, the Philippines, Singapore, and the UAE.
I plan to work at Nimbyx until I start my PhD program in September this year.


Q. What motivated you to pursue graduate studies?
In my first year of university, I encountered coding for the first time and found it fascinating to create something with code.
Subsequently, I dedicated myself to my studies during the ITM programme, aiming to acquire extensive knowledge in the field. Through this process, I discovered the joy of learning.
This experience led me to set a goal for my twenties: to become a scholar with expertise in one field rather than pursuing professional growth in a career.
To achieve this goal, I decided to pursue a PhD, the most assured path to becoming an expert.
I am confident this will be a meaningful step in my life.


Q. What influenced your decision to attend a graduate school abroad?
In the ITM programme, students can earn a dual degree from Northumbria University in the United Kingdom. I wanted to make the most of this degree and pursue graduate studies abroad.
I enjoy communicating with people in English and dream of gaining practical experience in an IT company in New York after completing my PhD. Eventually, I hope to return to Korea and become a professor at my alma mater.
I applied to graduate schools near New York to achieve these goals and will start my PhD program this fall.


Q. How did your graduate school applications go?
I applied to ten schools in the US and was accepted by the State University of New York.
I also applied to two schools in the UK for a PhD in computer science and await the results.





Q. What are your plans or goals for the future?
I aim to successfully complete my PhD abroad and grow both personally and academically


Q. Lastly, would you like to say anything to other students?
R=VD, which is a formula that stands for "realization = vivid dream," means "If you dream vividly, it will come true."
This formula has been my magical guide whenever I felt down or wanted to give up.
No matter how difficult a goal may seem, if you dream and believe in it earnestly, it will eventually become a reality.
During my university years, without taking a leave of absence, I experienced various challenges, including being a promotional ambassador, an undergraduate researcher, a member of a startup club, doing internships and competitions, and being an exchange student.
Although it was tough at the time, these experiences made me confident when deciding to pursue graduate studies.
Whenever I felt like giving up, I remembered the "R=VD" formula and imagined myself succeeding in the PhD program.
I hope those of you struggling with difficult realities can find strength by dreaming of a bright future.
I wish you all luck!





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