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Title National Seoul University of Science and Technology Achieves a Graduation Employment Rate of 71.5%
Writer admin ReadCount 1878 Date 2024-01-24

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National Seoul University of Science and Technology Achieves a Graduation Employment Rate of 71.5%
- 4th among 4-year general universities in Seoul with more than 2,000 graduates
- The retention employment rate is also high, recording an impressive 87.2%

□ Seoul National University of Science and Technology (SeoulTech, President Dong Hwan KIm) recorded an employment rate of 71.5% for its February 2022 undergraduate graduates (including August 2021 graduates).

□ This is significantly higher than the average employment rate of 66.3% for 4-year general universities, according to the "Higher Education Employment Statistics Survey" conducted by the Ministry of Education and the Korea Educational Development Institute for graduates in August 2021 and February 2022.
□ Among the undergraduate graduates of SeoulTech, the number of employed individuals is 1,564 out of 2,481 job seekers, achieving an employment rate of 71.5%.
  ○ The employment rate at SeoulTech for 2023 has recorded the highest figure in the past 5 years, with a 4.3%p increase compared to the previous year.
  ○ Out of 2,481 graduates from SeoulTech who completed their studies in August 2021 and February 2022, 71.5% found employment while 8.3% pursued further education.


□ By colleges, the employment rates for the College of Future Convergence (78.9%) and the College of Engineering (78.1%) were the highest. The employment rates for the College of Engineering, College of Information & Communication Engineering, and College of Humanities and Social Sciences were 78.1%, 66.9%, and 61.2%, respectively, showing a significant increase of more than 9.0% compared to the previous year.
□ By departments, the departments with the highest employment rates were the Department of Architecture-Architectural Studies (87.5%), the Department of Sports Science (84.4%), the Department of Safety Engineering (84%), the Department of Construction System Engineering (76.6%), the Department of Mechanical System Design Engineering (77.1%), and the Department of Food Engineering (74%).
□ The retention employment rate (4th, 12 months after graduation), which indicates the quality of employment, is 87.2%, surpassing the average of 81% for 4-year general universities. This demonstrates that graduates have secured stable jobs, showing an increase from the previous year's 86.2%.
□ Meanwhile, the Career Development Center at SeoulTech operates various extracurricular programs and mentoring initiatives, expanding high-quality employment support with a focus on regular employment. The employment rate for large companies, state-owned companies, and public institutions in 2022 increased to 48%, continuing the upward trend compared to 2021 (45%), 2019 (45.2%), and 2018 (36.9%).
□ SeoulTech's Director of Career Development, Ho Yeon Jung, stated, "SeoulTech provides students with various career and employment capability enhancement programs, and the regular employment rate has made SeoulTech one of the top universities in the Seoul area." She added, "One out of every two employed students secures a position in large companies or state-owned companies, contributing to the qualitative development of outstanding talents."



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