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Title SeoulTech signs industry-university cooperation MOU with two leading companies in the field of hydrogen fuel cells
Writer SeoulTech ReadCount 1122 Date 2022-08-02

- Mutual exchange between university and leading companies in advanced energy fields

- Cooperation to foster innovative talent in the field of hydrogen energy and hydrogen fuel cells



The Department of Future Energy Convergence of Seoul National University of Science and Technology (hereinafter referred to as SeoulTech) signed an industry-university cooperation MOU with Techcross (CEO Seokwon Park) and Techwin (CEO Bungik Jeong) to foster talent in the field of hydrogen energy and hydrogen fuel cells.

The signing of this MOU was promoted to meet the demands of the times that called for cooperation between developers and academia to establish policy directions and foster related professionals for the efficient promotion of ‘2050 carbon neutrality.’ The two companies are known as the small giants that will lead the future growth of the green hydrogen business.

Techwin is a total engineering company that provides environmental solutions, chemical plant construction, and facility maintenance and diagnosis.
Techcross is the world's No. 1 ballast water management system manufacturer and possesses the source technology for electrolysis water treatment.


SeoulTech and the two companies will actively promote close academic cooperation by providing internships and industry-university programs for students of the Department of Future Energy Convergence, including mutual exchanges in education and research personnel, as well as R&D cooperation in the field of advanced energy technology and policy, in the future.

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