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Title SeoulTech signs medical service MOU with Gongneung-dong local hospitals
Writer SeoulTech ReadCount 1293 Date 2022-07-20

On Tuesday, May 24th, Seoul National University of Science and Technology (hereinafter referred to as SeoulTech) signed a medical service MOU with three hospitals near Gongneung-dong for the promotion of the health of students and faculty, disease prevention, and the provision of preferential medical benefits.








The signing ceremony was held with the attendance of major figures such as President Donghoon Lee, Vice President of Research and Planning Affairs Mijung Park, and Director of the Office of External Cooperation Jungseok Lee, as well as Director of 88 Plus Internal Medicine Youngwoo Ha, Director of Yonsei Barun Dental Clinic Chanho Park, and Director of Yonsei Shintong Anesthesiology Clinic Minseok Kim.


Through this MOU, each hospital  agrees to provide medical support for the  promotion of the health of students and faculty members, cost reduction benefits for examination and treatment services, and medical services for university members and their families.


Members of SeoulTech and their families can also receive cost benefits for health examinations by presenting documents that prove their familial relationships, including health insurance cards, as well as their student and faculty cards.


Gangbuk Yonsei Hospital, Korea Association of Health Promotion of Eastern Seoul District, and Seoul Chuk Hospital also provide benefits such as a 10% reduction in medical costs and a special price for medical checkups.

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