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Title SeoulTech Selected as the Best University in the 2020 Industry University Review
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SeoulTech Selected as the Best University in the 2020 Industry University Review
Received the Best University Award for two consecutive years in the Construction and Mechanical (Automobile) fields


SeoulTech received the Best University Award in the Construction and Mechanical (Automobile) fields of the 2020 Industry University Review hosted by the Korea University Education Committee (KUEC, Chairman Kim In Cheol).


The Industry University Review has been held since 2008 with KUEC reviewing university educational systems and their relevance with working capabilities needed in various industries. The review also reflects opinions from the Ministry of Education and the main 5 economic bodies of Korea. The 2020 Industry University Review was held over four years and SeoulTech received the top awards in the Construction and


Mechanical (Automobiles) fields.
53 universities and 81 majors were reviewed this year and SeoulTech’s Construction Engineering Major and Mechanical Automobile Engineering Major received the Top Majors in each of their respective fields. SeoulTech also received the top rankings in the 2016 review’s construction field and received the top ranking consecutively including the last review.


▲The autonomous shuttle driving in front of the Creative Convergence Research Hall which will begin operations starting on April 1st.

SeoulTech received excellent reviews for its major based specialization strategy in ▲industrial friendly educational program design and operations, ▲field-work support through family corporations and industrial academic committee networks, ▲undergraduate research system, ▲undergraduate-graduate joint 5 year elite programs, etc.
Specific examples include ▲industrial academic education programs, ▲short and long term field work programs, ▲ building educational environments for industrial links such as lead advisor programs, industrial academic joint seminars, etc. in the Construction Engineering Major.


The Mechanical and Automobile Engineering Major includes ▲improving student educational processes through CQI and feedback system composition and industrial academic cooperation through family corporation networks.  


President Lee Dong Hoon said, “We believe this is the result of our continuous investment in cultivating professionals that are tailored to the needs of industrial demand and reflect changes and the latest trends in various industries. We hope to furthermore invest in becoming a university that students can be proud of, parents can trust and society and industries can prefer by creating a specialized educational system that can lead the post COVID19 era and the 4th Industrial Revolution.”


Construction Major student Choi Se Eun said, “I didn’t know whether I would fit in a certain field after experiencing and learning about different fields such as construction and structural engineering. However, there were field expert mentors who came and gave a seminar on careers through the club that a professor manages and this helped greatly in deciding my future path.” Construction Major student Kim Jung Yeon said, “The Construction Major provides many opportunities for hands on experience and our professors help us in matching us with the right companies when planning long term field work projects.”


▲Seminar Presenting Excellent Educational Programs in the Construction Field


The 2020 Industry University Review Results Presentation Seminar also presented information on Construction Engineering Major Lead Professor Jang Hyun Seung on the educational programs and the video can be seen through the KUEC’s YouTube channel “Schools To Go To TV.”



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