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Title SeoulTech Hosts the 2019 3rd National University Presidents Committee Conference
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SeoulTech Hosts the 2019 3rd National University Presidents Committee Conference


Searching for solutions to develop national and public universities through the creation of a ‘Local Innovation Platform’ symposium

SeoulTech hosted the 3rd National University Presidents Committee Conference on September 26th at 2PM at the Seoul WalkerHill Convention Center (Walker Hall).

The National University Presidents Committee comprises 41 national and public universities. 36 presidents and representatives of the Ministry of Education and the Korea University Education Committee participated in the event and discussed important national and public university-related policies and issues.

This conference mainly focused on the subject of ‘The Role of National and Public Universities in the Balanced Development of State and Regions’ through the symposium based on creating a platform for regional innovation through national and public universities.



The main subjects of discussion of the symposium were the creation of a university and regional cooperation innovation platform and the university academic industrial area establishment project. SeoulTech garnered attention for its presentation on ‘Cases of Regional Innovation through the *Hongreung Forum.’

*Hongreung Forum: An academic and research forum that discovers and shares ways to cooperate among 17 institutions including KIST, Korea University, and the Seoul Metropolitan University

President Kim Jong Ho said, “We will actively work to cultivate leaders who will lead the 4th Industrial Revolution and contribute to the balanced development of state and regions.”

The 36 universities that attended the conference are as follows: Kangreung Wonju University (President Ban Sun Sub), Kangwon University (President Kim Heon Young), Kyeongnam Science and Technology University (President Kim Nam Kyeong), Kyeongbuk University (President Kim Sang Dong), Kyeongsang University (President Lee Sang Kyeong), Kyeongin Education University (President Ko Dae Hyuk), Gongju Education University (President Ahn Byeong Geun), Gongju University (President Won Sang Soo), Gwangju Education University (President Choi Do Sung), Gunsan University (President Kwak Byung Sun), Keumoh Engineering University (President Lee Sang Chul), Daegu Education University (President Lim Chung Hwan), Bukyung University (President Kim Young Seob), Busan Education University (President Oh Sae Bok), Busan University (President Jeon Ho Hwan), SeoulTech University (President Kim Jong Ho), Seoul Education University (Acting President Jeon In Ho), Seoul University (Acting President Hong Ki Hyeon), Seoul Metropolitan University (President Seo Soon Tak), Sunchun University (President Ko Young Jin), Andong University (President Kwon Soon Tae), Incheon University (President Cho Dong Sung), Jeonnam University (President Jung Byung Seok), Jeonbuk University (President Kim Dong Won), Jeju University (President Song Seok Eon), Jinju Education University (President Choi Moon Sung), Changwon University (Acting President Park Hee Chang), Chungju Education University (President Yoon Geon Young), Chunchon Education University (President Lee Hwan Gi), Choongnam University (President Oh Deok Sung), Choongbuk University (President Kim Soo Gab), Hankyung University (President Lim Tae Hee), Korea Transportation University (President Park Joon Hoon), Korea Broadcasting and Communications University (President Ryu Soo No), Korea Athletics University (President Ahn Yong Gyu), and Hanbat University (President Choi Byung Wook). The National University Presidents Committee is currently led by Bukyung University.                

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