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Title SeoulTech Library Reopens Following Remodeling
Writer admin ReadCount 637 Date 2019-05-31

SeoulTech Library Reopens Following Remodeling
Includes new store, great study spaces, and group study rooms


SeoulTech, in connection with efforts to renovate old facilities, reopened the library following renovation efforts and held a reopening ceremony at the ST Art Hall in the Central Library on April 8th.



President Kim Jong Ho, Vice President Kim Eun Tae, faculty members, and approximately 100 other university members attended the reopening ceremony. The second and third floors of the Central Library along with the store, study zones, and group study zones were remodeled and are expected to offer additional convenient services for students.


In addition, students had requested renovations of the group study rooms in the Central Library and the annex library, and the new group study area will offer students a great environment to study in.


▲ Group study rooms in the annex library


There are 16 group study rooms capable of hosting 4-10 people along with an open group study area with a new interior design for students. Anyone can use the group study rooms by reserving a spot through their smart phones or the university’s homepage.


▲ 2nd floor of the Central Library


▲ 3rd floor of the Central Library


▲ 2nd floor of the annex library

Library Head Lee Bong Jae said, “The remodeling was planned to renovate old facilities and is the first step in our efforts to make an environment that is fit for the 21st century. We plan to create a facility that goes beyond simply being a place to borrow books, but a place where you can be introduced to new academic resources, listen in on interesting seminars, host exhibitions, and enjoy an intellectual and cultural place. We wanted to have a place that is not just somewhere you go when you don’t have courses, but a place where you can spend even more time learning.”



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