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Title [SeoulTech Successfully Holds the '2nd International Student Sports Event]
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Seoul National University of Science and Technology Successfully Holds the '2nd International Student Sports Event.

SeoulTech's international students come together through sports events, sharing moments of unity.



Seoul National University of Science and Technology (President Lee Dong-hoon, hereinafter referred to as SeoulTech) successfully held the '2nd Foreign Student Sports Event' at the campus gymnasium in Seoul Gongneung-dong on October 13 (Friday).

The SeoulTech International Exchange Office organized the sports event for international students currently studying at SeoulTech, marking the second such event following last year. Key officials, including President Lee Dong-hoon and Lee Chae-won, Head of the International Exchange Office, attended the event to promote interaction and unity among foreign students studying at SeoulTech. A total of around 100  international students, including degree program students, foreign exchange students, and Korean language learners, participated in various competitions such as group jump rope, shuttlecock kicking, tug-of-war, basketball, card flipping game, and obstacle running.

President Lee Dong-hoon stated, "In addition to academics, what is equally important in university life is interpersonal relationships. Today, on this occasion, the friendships you will form as international students will become a valuable asset for everyone in the future."

International students who participated in the event shared their experiences, saying, "Through this sports event, we were able to relieve the academic stress that had accumulated over time and had a great time interacting with students from different nationalities." They also expressed their interest in participating in next year's sports event.

SeoulTech's International Exchange Office operates various programs, including K-POP contests, Korean language speaking competitions, and dedicated psychological counseling services, to support the stable adaptation of foreign students to university life.

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Foreign students at SeoulTech enjoying the sports event at the campus gymnasium.

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