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Title SeoulTech Library and Student Union Building to Become University Landmarks
Writer admin ReadCount 720 Date 2024-05-17

SeoulTech Library and Student Union Building to Become University Landmarks


SeoulTech is currently undergoing construction to rebuild the library and the student union.
The old Suyeon Hall is being demolished, and a new innovative open cultural complex will be built in its place, providing extensive services and support for students, researchers, faculty, and staff in their learning and research activities.



• Old Suyeon Hall (August 2023)


The project aims to expand teaching facilities, improve cultural activity spaces, and advance student information access opportunities. This initiative is not only for the university members but also for the local community. By offering the same opportunities to the local community, it fulfills the mission of a national university while contributing to regional development and cultural competitiveness.



• Old Suyeon Hall (July 2019)


• Old Suyeon Hall and Boongeobang Pond (March 2011)


The new building will feature creative, future-oriented architectural design incorporating zero energy and climate change response technologies.
Furthermore, by approaching this as an extension and expansion of the existing library and student union building, it will differentiate itself from the previous facilities. The new landmark of SeoulTech will be a five-story building above ground with one basement level.

[Planned spaces]
- Library: open learning spaces, multimedia/group study spaces, community lounge areas, etc.
- Student union building and ancillary facilities: student activities, career and entrepreneurship activities, hybrid convenience facilities, student support facilities, etc.
- Common areas: main hall, corridors, stairs, elevators, restrooms, book café, etc.
- Underground parking lot



• Rendering of the new library and student union building


The new SeoulTech library and student union building will be completed by June 2026.





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