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Title SeoulTech and Peru National University of Engineering carry out cybersecurity education and cultural exchange in Peru
Writer SEOULTECH ReadCount 7031 Date 2022-10-30

- Department of Cybersecurity established, vocational program education and volunteer activities carried out in Peru 
- Support offered to developing countries by leveraging outstanding Korean resources and experience 






Seoul National University of Science and Technology (SeoulTech) dispatched four students to Lima, Peru, to provide basic education on cybersecurity for middle and high school students. Vice President of Academic Affairs Sunghwan Kim attended the matriculation ceremony of the Department of Cybersecurity at Peru National University of Engineering (Alfonso López Chau Nava, president) on Thursday, August 25 to deliver congratulatory speeches and hold meetings for the promotion of future exchange activities.


In addition, students from SeoulTech and Peru National University of Engineering delivered basic cybersecurity education to middle and high school students of the Institución Educativa Emblematicá Bartolomé Herrera, Institución Educativa Pública N° 3052, and Colegio Nuestra Señora del Carmen. The university students also led cultural exchange events, including K-POP dance and introductions to Korean culture.


Through the Leading University Project for International Cooperation, SeoulTech has established the Department of Cybersecurity at the Peru National University of Engineering and conducted cybersecurity vocational programs to educate students. SeoulTech has also dispatched students for volunteer projects.







The Leading University Project for International Cooperation is a representative higher education official development assistance (ODA) project of the Ministry of Education. It supports the establishment and reorganization of customized departments at universities in developing countries as well as the systematic fostering of human resources by leveraging the outstanding resources and experience of Korean universities.


SeoulTech is participating in the project, which is jointly financed through public and university funding (2.5 billion and 320 million Korean won respectively) and runs from April 2020 to March 2027, with Professor Taeho Jung of the Department of Electronic and IT Media Engineering at the helm.


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