Campus Life Visa
Before Arrival
Visa Issuance
A student visa (D-2 or D-4) is required to study in Korea if a student is not of Korean nationality. In most cases, exchange students can acquire their D-2 visa easily when they present their university Certificates of Admission from SEOULTECH to the relevant passport officials in their home country. Please contact your nearest Korean Embassy or consulate for more detailed information on the visa application process.
  Visa for Regular Educational program (D-2) Visa for General training (D-4)
Eligibility Those who apply for a regular program or a special research program in a junior college, college, university, graduate school or research institute. Those who study Korean in a language institute at a university or the exchange students for training in industry through an exchange program between universities.
  • - Valid passport
  • - Visa Application Form
    (provided by Embassy or consulate)
  • - Admission from the school with its confirmation of the student’s aptitude for study and financial ability
  • - The most recent school graduation or enrollment certificate
  • - Verification of Account Balance
    (Deposit of $10,000 USD or more)
  • - Family Register (Chinese only, the whole family)
  • - Valid passport
  • - Visa Application Form
  • - Verification of School Entrance or Enrollment
    (Verification of training)
  • - Financial Verification
    (Related Documents to Verify the Financial Ability for Tuition and Living Expenses)
  • - Verification of transference or Exchange of
    $ 3,000 USD or more
  • - Identification Verification
    (for those who cannot verify their financial ability for tuition and living expenses or upon the request of Justice Ministry)
  • ※ Application must be submitted to the Korean embassy or consulate.
  • ※ The ambassador or consul can require more or fewer documents when necessary.
  • ※ When the applicant for a language program in a Korean university cannot get a visa for a stay of more than 91 days in time
    (in the case of a long-term stay visa, it can take some time for the consul to get Justice Minister’s permission), the applicant can get a short-term visa and enter Korea first, and then apply for a permission to change the status.
After Arrival
Center for International Exchanges is in charge of some selected immigration process listed below for the international students of SeoulTech by official proxy.
Extension of Stay
If you want to stay longer than the period of stay given, you are required to apply for a permission to a local or district Immigration office before the period of your stay expires. It is punishable that you stay longer than the period of stay given, without the permission. The application for the extension permit is acceptable, only when the period of your stay given expires in two months. To apply for the permission, you should make an application to our office.
Required documents
  • - passport
  • - An alien registration card
  • - Application forms (Downloadable forms at
  • - Certificate of Enrollment for students
  • - Fees (30,000 won)
  • - Tuition payment receipt
  • - Financial documents such as bank book, receipt of remittance, certificate of scholarship)
Alien Registration
Within 90 days from the day of your arrival in Korea , you must apply for a Certificate of Alien Registration at the Immigration Office. Students holding a D-2 visa should obtain an Alien registration card after their arrival in Korea . please submit the following documentation to our office
  • - passport
  • - Application forms (Downloadable forms at )
  • - Certificate of Enrollment for students / Certificate of Employment for faculties (available at Student Service Center , which is located in Student Union Bldg. 2F)
  • - 2 color photos (3cm*4cm)
  • - Fees (10,000 won)
Other immigration services the OIA offers by proxy
Please contact our office to know documents required for each service.
  • - participation in activities uncertified for current sojourn status (i.e working permission)
  • - Change status of stay
  • - Change/Add work location
  • - Grant sojourn status
  • - Re-entry permit
  • - Obligatory Declaration
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