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University Portal System
What are the functions of the university portal system? As a website for the students and faculty of the Seoul National University of Science and Technology,
  • - first, it conducts an integrated certification of usable information systems and enables the use of approximately 20 school information systems such as the SeoulTech University Information System, administrative information system, e-Class, library, and others through a single certification method.
  • - Second, it gathers and manages information that is provided on the school’s website such as school announcements, event guides, job information, language school reservations, bulletin board systems, and information about markets.
How to Access
  • - User ID: Student No., Password: Identical to the educational information system and the initial values are composed of the six-digit birthdate of the user (Log in and make changes on the “My Page” for future use.)
  • - Enter in your web browser.
User Guide
  • - Log in to the portal and change the settings to a single certification.
    Go to “My Page” on the upper right of the screen and enter your ID/PW in a usable information system from the “My SSO List.”
  • - E-mail, SeoulTech University Information System (undergraduate, graduate, engineering certification, and international exchange), e-Class, and library
  • - Functions such as school announcements, academics, scholarships, employment, bids, alumni services, schedule management, and many others
  • - Portal guide manual (Log in to the portal and find the “portal guide” on the upper right of the screen.)
  • - Contact: 02-970-9053, Su-min Choi, Information Planning Team
SeoulTech University Information System (SUIS)
Offers information services on academic administration such as school registrations, classes, registrations, scholarships, grades, and graduations to undergraduate and graduate students
How to Access
University Portal ( Log in Affiliated Systems (SeoulTech University Information System) Automated access
Information Provided
  • - For Students: School registrations, contact number changes, application for a leave of absence / return to school, course registrations, class schedules, class syllabuses, application for a volunteer work, course evaluations, grades/scholarships, tuition bill printing, grades in language school, status of mandatory subjects, and other academic affairs
  • - For Professors: School registrations, class syllabus management, grade evaluations, and other tasks that are required for the management of educational affairs
  • - For Departments: School registrations/grades, course application withdrawal, scholarship/registration records, management of graduation exam grades, mandatory courses and prerequisites, various statistics, and registrations
Graduate school(graduation examinations/graduation assessment/thesis): Seong-yeon Han at 02-970-9057.
Classes, grades and Credit Interchange : Chang-hee Geum at 02-970-9061.
Undergraduate(graduation examinations/graduation assessment), engineering accerditations and Employment Statistics :Dong-hwan Shin at 02-970-9058
Registrations, scholarships, certifications and lecture evaluations, student life(Rewards, disciplinary action, club, safety education) and Teaching, Student Counseling, Authority Management : Bong-jae Kim at 02-970-9060
Graduate school admission, Instructor fee : Yeon-hee Yang at 02-970-9055.
International education(e.g., incoming/outgoing exchanges, overseas studies, international summer school and foreign counseling), Evaluation of Professional Achievement, Employee Performance Assessment: Eun-young Choi at 02-970-9056.
International education(e.g., language classes, Korean and International Student Union), language education,External Lecture Reporting, recruitment and other services : Young-ah Lee at 02-970-9062.
Student guidance allowances(staff/faculty),Guest room/Daecheon Training Center and other services : Jae-chul Hwang at 02-970-9063.
Course Enrollment System (Undergraduate)
A dedicated system for course registration at the undergraduate level
How to Access
Student Portal (  Course Enrollment (Undergraduate)
Log-in (Faculty members are prohibited.)
- Students and teaching assistants: SUIS ID and PW
Information Provided
For Students: Enrollment class cart, enrollment requests, enrollment request certificates, timetable reviews/copies, and lecture plans For Guests: Timetable reviews/copies and lecture plans
Mobile Enrollment
Service users: Undergraduate (Teaching Assistants / Staff / Professors are prohibited.)
App Installation
  • - Search “‘’서울과학기술대학교 스마트캠퍼스‘” at the Play Store or App Store and install “’서울과학기술대학교 스마트캠퍼스‘.”
  • - Log-In Details: SUIS ID and PW
  • - Services Provided: Enrollment class carts, enrollment requests, and timetable reviews
Contact: 02-970-9057, Seong-yeon Han, Educational Information Team 
232 Gongneung-ro, Nowon-gu, Seoul, 01811, korea
Tel : +82-2-970-6114,7114 Fax : +82-2-970-6088