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Domain Application
Instructions for Requesting a Domain Name
  • - You cannot request a domain name for personal computers such as Windows 95/98/ME or Macintosh.
  • - Changes made in the information related to domain name must be reported. Building/room number, IP address, and other information are used as the standard for determining whether the user is legitimate. Unreported changes may cause inconveniences to the user or others.
  • - If the requested domain name overlaps with an existing one, the existing name is given priority. In this case, please request another domain name.
Domain Name application criteria
  • - Domain Name refers to the host name below the SNUT.AC.KR domain.
  • - We do not receive requests for a separate domain name (host within SNUT.AC.KR) for WIN95 or WIN95 OS.
However, consultations are held with the manager if the request is made for a special reason.
  • - Five domain names (including CNAME) can be requested for a single system (one IP address).
Domain Name Usage Checking
  • - UNIX
    • - Check the usage through “NSLOOKUP requesting_domain name” and request a name if it is not currently used.
    • - Enter the “PING requesting_domain name” command, and request a name when “UNKNOWN HOST requesting domain name” is shown.
  • - WINDOWS 95/98 and NT
    - Enter the “PING requesting_domain name” command in the DOS window, and request a name when “UNKNOWN HOST requesting domain name” is shown.
    Download the Domain Request Form.
How to Find the Ethernet Address
Classification Description
WINDOW NT category
(XP, NT 4.0, WINDOWS 2000, 2003 )
Start → Accessories → Execute the “IPCONFIG/ALL” command in the Command Prompt and enter PHYSICAL ADDRESS
WINDOWS 95/98 Start → Programs → “WINIPCFG” command in Korean MS-DOS
Start → Execute → Execute the “WINIPCFG” command to view the Ethernet adaptor information in (IP configuration) window. Select the LAN CARD adaptor, and enter the displayed adaptor address.
(Note “44:45:53:54:00:00” of the “PPP ADAPTER” is not LAN card information.)
UNIX SUN category Execute “DMESG | MORE,” and enter the displayed Ethernet address
DIGITAL category Execute “UERF | MORE,” and enter the displayed hardware address
Others Refer to “IFCONFIG -A” or booting
MAC Apple (APPLE menu) → Control Panel → TCP/IP → Click “Get Info” in the file menu on top of the screen to display the information.
For inquiries, contact: The Information Technology Center Network Maintenance Team through Yong-hwan Kim at telephone number 02-970-9065.
232 Gongneung-ro, Nowon-gu, Seoul, 01811, korea
Tel : +82-2-970-6114,7114 Fax : +82-2-970-6088