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Domain Application
Instructions for Requesting a Domain Name
  • - You cannot request a domain name for personal computers such as Windows 95/98/ME or Macintosh.
  • - Changes made in the information related to domain name must be reported. Building/room number, IP address, and other information are used as the standard for determining whether the user is legitimate. Unreported changes may cause inconveniences to the user or others.
  • - If the requested domain name overlaps with an existing one, the existing name is given priority. In this case, please request another domain name.
Domain Name application criteria
  • - Domain Name refers to the host name below the SNUT.AC.KR domain.
  • - We do not receive requests for a separate domain name (host within SNUT.AC.KR) for WIN95 or WIN95 OS.
However, consultations are held with the manager if the request is made for a special reason.
  • - Five domain names (including CNAME) can be requested for a single system (one IP address).
Domain Name Usage Checking
  • - UNIX
    • - Check the usage through “NSLOOKUP requesting_domain name” and request a name if it is not currently used.
    • - Enter the “PING requesting_domain name” command, and request a name when “UNKNOWN HOST requesting domain name” is shown.
  • - WINDOWS 95/98 and NT
    - Enter the “PING requesting_domain name” command in the DOS window, and request a name when “UNKNOWN HOST requesting domain name” is shown.
    Download the Domain Request Form.
How to Find the Ethernet Address
Classification Description
WINDOWS 7/8/10 WIN+R → Execute the "CMD" and enter → Execute the “IPCONFIG/ALL” command in the Command Prompt
WINDOW NT category
(XP, NT 4.0, WINDOWS 2000, 2003 )
Start → Accessories → Execute the “IPCONFIG/ALL” command in the Command Prompt and enter PHYSICAL ADDRESS
WINDOWS 95/98 Start → Programs → “WINIPCFG” command in Korean MS-DOS
Start → Execute → Execute the “WINIPCFG” command to view the Ethernet adaptor information in (IP configuration) window. Select the LAN CARD adaptor, and enter the displayed adaptor address.
(Note “44:45:53:54:00:00” of the “PPP ADAPTER” is not LAN card information.)
UNIX SUN category Execute “DMESG | MORE,” and enter the displayed Ethernet address
DIGITAL category Execute “UERF | MORE,” and enter the displayed hardware address
Others Refer to “IFCONFIG -A” or booting
MAC Apple (APPLE menu) → Control Panel → TCP/IP → Click “Get Info” in the file menu on top of the screen to display the information.
For inquiries, contact: The Information Technology Center Network Maintenance Team through Yong-hwan Kim at telephone number 02-970-9065.
232 Gongneung-ro, Nowon-gu, Seoul, 01811, korea
Tel : +82-2-970-6114,7114 Fax : +82-2-970-6088