Independent Student Organizations
Independent Student Organizations
The focus of university life is to apply oneself to academic learning and research, but for character growth, much can be learned from extracurricular activities. It can be a valuable experience to be active in extracurricular activities by using one’s individuality and talent as well as to discover and modify oneself within the group. It is possible to lead a more rewarding university life by selecting and participating in a club that is suitable for you.

Our university actively supports club activities, and currently, there are 49 officially recognized clubs that engage in various activities. Clubs can be divided into department clubs and university clubs, and university clubs may be recognized as central clubs when they are composed of students from various departments. When a club is recognized as a central club, it is provided a clubroom, and various forms of support are given by the central club or the Office of Student Affairs when necessary.
Procedures for the registration of a central club
  • a) Announcement of the registration period (Club Association)
  • b) Distribution of the registration forms (Club Association)
  • c) Collection of the registration forms (Club Association)
  • d) Submission of the registration forms (Student Service Center of the Office of Student Affairs)
Procedures for an event approval
  • a) Complete and submit the event plan form (Club Association).
  • b) Submit the event plan form, authorization, and approval (Office of Student Affairs).
  • c) Request for the cooperation of each division and a confirmation of the event.
  • d) Supervise the event.
For inquiries regarding clubs, contact the Club Association at 970-7022.
Student Club Details
No. Club Location Purpose
1 IM (I'm) 1 Student Center 324 A group primarily focused on broadcasting dance.
2 Graymood 1 Student Center 327 A group that plays band instruments, forms teams, and performs together.
3 Rapstar 1 Student Center 323-1 A group that composes and performs hip-hop music.
4 Semachi 1 Student Center 326 A group that presents rock band music through regular concerts.
5 Sorisarang 1 Student Center 325 A group of musicians who favor acoustic vocal music.
6 Snuuto 1 Student Center 316 A group that participates in orchestra performances.
7 Eoeulmeum 1 Student Center 323 A group that fosters emotions and friendships through classical guitar.
8 Eoeui Experiment Theater Club 1 Student Center 317 A group dedicated to creativity, experimentation, and beautiful, innovative theater.
9 Yeolhyeol Mugun 1 Student Center 328 A group that advocates for mental and physical health through street dance.
10 Tongil Achim 1 Student Center 303 A club for playing instruments such as guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, and MIDI, as well as bands.
Martial Arts
11 Eoeui Geomu Club General Stadium Club Room 15 A group that cultivates character through swordsmanship.
12 Judo General Stadium Club Room 14 A group that protects oneself and develops physical and mental strength through judo.
13 Eoeui Gung 1 Student Center 315 A club where anyone interested in traditional Korean archery can learn archery.
14 Taekwondo Ban General Stadium Club Room 16 A group focused on mental and spiritual training through Taekwondo.
15 Jutopia 1 Student Center 202 A club that effectively subdues opponents and defends oneself through judo.
Voluntary Services
16 RCY 1 Student Center 322-1 A group engaged in Red Cross activities.
17 Saeamter 1 Student Center 305-1 A group active in impoverished areas and involved in local movements.
18 Seogo High School 1 Student Center 309 A group supporting stray cats and promoting awareness of animal rights.
19 MIST 1 Student Center 312 A gathering of students who love movies, producing and enjoying films.
20 Geurimrang 1 Student Center 311 A club dedicated to drawing cartoons as part of the art field.
21 Eoeui Sajin Ban 1 Student Center 308 A group pursuing photographic art and acquiring photography skills.
Religious Activities
22 CAM 1 Student Center 207 A missionary community spreading the gospel through the Pentecostal experience of the Holy Spirit.
23 CCC 1 Student Center 305 The Korean Student Missionary Association, organizing events for evangelism and spiritual revival.
24 I.V.F 1 Student Center 310 The Korean Christian Student Association, aiming for gospelization of intellectual society through literary work.
25 Rosario General Stadium Club Room 11 The Catholic Student Association, sharing love through pilgrimages and volunteer activities.
26 Yesu Jeondo Dan 1 Student Center 314 A group aiming to produce true Christians dedicated to pursuing intellectual truth.
27 FC CTRL General Stadium Club Room 17 The only central soccer club at the Seoul University of Science and Technology.
(Bowling Club)
1 Student Center 205 A group fostering camaraderie among members through bowling.
(Basketball Club)
1 Student Center 3 A group fostering sportsmanship through basketball.
30 STAB Badminton 1 Student Center 227 A badminton club.
31 STRC General Stadium Club Room 8 A group leading a healthy running culture and sharing the joy of running together.
32 TABOTA General Stadium Club Room 9 A club aiming to build camaraderie through various board games.
33 Neutinamu Tennis Tennis Court A group dedicated to improving fitness through tennis.
34 Boardka General Stadium Club Room 12 A group strengthening friendships through board games.
35 Sagyeokban 1 Student Center 319 A club training the mind and body through marksmanship.
36 Sujung Tamsa Ban 1 Student Center 318 A group cultivating diving skills and leading the campaign for underwater resource conservation.
37 Heroes 1 Student Center 216 A group promoting physical fitness and exchanges with other universities through baseball.
38 Jeonjaorakdan
(E-sports Club)
General Stadium 10 A group enjoying computer games.
39 Ski Club 1 Student Center 206 The Seoul University of Science and Technology Ski Team, formed by people who love winter.
40 ATST 1 Student Center 219 A club dedicated to developing appropriate technology to improve the quality of life for marginalized and underprivileged individuals.
41 String General Stadium 5 A group engaged in individualized composition activities regardless of genre.
42 ECC
(English Conversation Club)
1 Student Center 218 A group dedicated to improving English proficiency.
43 JCC
(Japanese Conversation Club)
1 Student Center 203 A group dedicated to improving Japanese proficiency.
44 Balmyeong Gaebal Yeonguhoe General Stadium 7 A group fostering an inventive atmosphere and engaging in ongoing research activities.
45 Sirius 1 Student Center 313 A group observing brilliantly shining stars in the night sky.
46 ST Book Club Reading Club A club aiming to share diverse thoughts and knowledge and build friendships through books.
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