Independent Student Organizations
The focus of university life is to apply oneself to academic learning and research, but for character growth, much can be learned from extracurricular activities. It can be a valuable experience to be active in extracurricular activities by using one’s individuality and talent as well as to discover and modify oneself within the group. It is possible to lead a more rewarding university life by selecting and participating in a club that is suitable for you.

Our university actively supports club activities, and currently, there are 49 officially recognized clubs that engage in various activities. Clubs can be divided into department clubs and university clubs, and university clubs may be recognized as central clubs when they are composed of students from various departments. When a club is recognized as a central club, it is provided a clubroom, and various forms of support are given by the central club or the Office of Student Affairs when necessary.
Procedures for the registration of a central club
  • a) Announcement of the registration period (Club Association)
  • b) Distribution of the registration forms (Club Association)
  • c) Collection of the registration forms (Club Association)
  • d) Submission of the registration forms (Student Service Center of the Office of Student Affairs)
Procedures for an event approval
  • a) Complete and submit the event plan form (Club Association).
  • b) Submit the event plan form, authorization, and approval (Office of Student Affairs).
  • c) Request for the cooperation of each division and a confirmation of the event.
  • d) Supervise the event.
For inquiries regarding clubs, contact the Club Association at 970-7022.
Student Club Details
No. Club Location Purpose
1 Gray Mood Room 327, Student Hall No. 1 Band music and performance
2 Rap Star Room 323-1, Student Hall No. 1 A club for rap enthusiasts
3 Semachi Room 326, Student Hall No. 1 A club for heavy metal music lovers with a regular performance
4 Sorisarang Room 325, Student Hall No. 1 Acoustic guitar pop music
5 Snuto Room 316, Student Hall No. 1 Orchestra and chamber music
6 Eowooleum Room 323, Student Hall No. 1 Classic guitars and friendship
7 Eoui Experimental Theater Room 317, Student Hall No. 1 A club for creativity, an experimental spirit, and beautiful and fresh theater performances
8 Yeolhyeolmooguen Room 328, Student Hall No. 1 Promote physical and emotional health through dance
9 Unification Morning Music band
10 Haebang Pungmul Band Room 305, Student Hall No. 1 Traditional Korean percussion band
11 IM Room 324, Student Hall No. 1 Popular dance
12 U.P.T. Choir Room 310, Student Hall No. 1 Choir and vocals
Martial Arts
13 Eoui Swordsmanship Club General Sport Field, Club Room 15 Character development through the art of swordsmanship
14 Taekwondo General Sport Field, Club Room 16 Training the mind and body and building one’s character through taekwondo
Voluntary Services
15 Saealmteo Room 305-1, Student Hall No. 1 Regional movements and relief for the poor
16 Youth Hostel 229 A travel culture in the university and the protection of nature
17 Enactors General Sport Field, Club Room 13 Entrepreneurship projects that can generate a common good and quality of life
18 RCY Room 322-1, Student Hall No. 1 Red Cross Youth
19 Geurimrang Room 311, Student Hall No. 1 Examination of comics and the manga culture as a part of art
20 Malgeun Geurim Room 320-1, Student Hall No. 1 Movie direction and appreciation group
21 Art in Practice Room 312, Student Hall No. 1 A general approach toward art
22 Eoui Photography Group Room 308, Student Hall No. 1 A pursuit of photography as an art and its techniques
Religious Activities
23 Rosario (Catholic student group) General Sport Field, Club Room 11 Sharing love through pilgrimages and volunteering
24 Buddhist Student Association Room 320, Student Hall No. 1 Practice of Mahayana Buddhism
25 Jesus Mission Room 314, Student Hall No. 1 Introducing Christianity as a pursuit of the true knowledge
26 CAM 207 A mission community club that preaches the gospel through the advent of the Holy Spirit during Pentecost
27 CCC Room 304, Student Hall No. 1 A club that preaches the gospel and holds revival meetings
28 I.V.F Room 302, Student Hall No. 1 A club that aims to spread the gospel among intellectuals through document mission activities
29 Riders Room 315, Student Hall No. 1 Building friendships by riding bicycles together
30 Bodka General Sport Field, Club Room 12 Board games
31 Shooting club Room 319, Student Hall No. 1 Training the body and mind through shooting
32 Mountain Climbing Club General Sport Field, Club Room 17 Character development and improving one’s skills for mountain climbing
33 Diving Club Room 318, Student Hall No. 1 Learning diving skills and leading the movement to protect marine resources
34 Skiing Club 206 Mutual goodwill and friendships through skiing
35 Baseball Club 217 Athletics through baseball and exchanges with other universities
36 E-sports General Sport Field, Club Room 10 A group of video game enthusiasts
37 F.C SEOULTECH (Football) General Sport Field, Club Room 4 Football games for health, friendships, and exchanges
38 Elm Tennis Tennis Court Athletic development through tennis
39 KOBO (Bowling) 205 Friendships in bowling
40 SPABA (Basketball) General Sport Field, Club Room 3 Sportsmanship through basketball
41 Geunsa (Modern and Contemporary History Society) 204 A club that is dedicated to the sincere and truthful recognition of Korean history
42 Invention Club General Sport Field, Club Room 7 A club that facilitates inventions and research activities
43 Sirius Room 303, Student Hall No. 1 A star observation society
44 Dream Composer General Sport Field, Club Room 5 A club for compositions (e.g., media, music, and others)
45 English Conversation Club (ECC) 218 A club that is dedicated to increasing the English language proficiency of its members
46 ITEM (Entrepreneurship) 211 A club that nurtures capable and young entrepreneurs in today’s unstable job market
47 Japanese Conversation Club (JCC) 203 A club that is dedicated to improving the Japanese language proficiency of its members
48 STCC (Computer research group) 219 Development and presentation of information based on the needs of the information industry
49 TIME 208 A club that is dedicated to learning and appreciating English
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