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Name of facility : Press & Broadcasting System
Location :
Office - Dasan Hall (Building #2) Room #005,
Press - Dasan Hall(Building #2) Room #003,
Broadcasting system - Dasan Hall (Building #2) Room #007
The SeoulTech Press & Broadcasting System lead changes in the era and represent the voices of members.
Category Room no. TEL FAX
Office 5 02-970-9171 02-970-9172
Press 3 02-970-9174~5  
Broadcasting system staff room 7 02-970-9177~8  
Introduction of Press
The SeoulTech Press began with the publication of the “Gyeonggi Technical College Newspaper” on November 25, 1963 when SNUST was formerly known as Gyeonggi Technical College. At the time, the first publication of the "Gyeonggi Technical College Newspaper" was consisted of 4 pages that included a congratulatory message, school news, general news, school events and the papers and works of professors and students. The title of the newspaper changed with school reform, from "Engineering College School Newspaper" to "Gaebang College School Newspaper ", "Gaebang College Newspaper", "Seoul Industrial College Newspaper", “Seoul Industrial Uni. Newspaper” and “SeoulTech Press.”

“SeoulTech Press” delivers sharp, accurate news to the university and society along with healthy criticism. It issues 16-page tabloid editions every other week 16 times a year. The editions are distributed on and off campus. Also, the school issues an offline newspaper and produces internet news to actively confront the information-oriented society of the 21st century to provide 24-hour school news and a PDF service. Furthermore, to promote work creation and foster the cultural and emotional skills of students, the “SNUST Creation Award” is granted every year in 7 areas, including novel, video, poetry, essay, English essay, illustration and photography. Starting from 2012, newspaper subscriptions via smart phone devices and SNS-linked app services are provided to students in accordance with the smart era.
Introduction of Broadcasting System
Launched in 1985 and officially established in 1987, the SeoulTech Broadcasting System provides the university with quick and accurate news, extensive cultural programs, healthy entertainment programs and broadcasting culture events. Furthermore, videos are being transmitted to students via DID (Digital Information Display) from 2009.

The SeoulTech Broadcasting System provides services under the motto "Unity through one heart, one mind”. 24,000 minutes of regular audio/video broadcasting services are provided annually. Audio broadcasting is transmitted to the entire university twice a day for 60 minutes at 1040W output during 8:30-9:00 and 18:00-18:30. On the other hand, video broadcasting is provided via DID 3 times a day for 90 minutes during 8:30-9:00, 12:00-12:30 and 18:00-18:30.

In pursuit of “justice and truth”, SeoulTech Broadcasting System strives to foster broadcasting personnel and carry out press activities on campus. Broadcasting Festivals are held every year and major school events are broadcasted live. Also, school events and complaints reported on campus are quickly covered and broadcasted to student. The SeoulTech Broadcasting System recruits new members at the beginning of every semester.
232 Gongneung-ro, Nowon-gu, Seoul, 01811, korea
Tel : +82-2-970-6114,7114 Fax : +82-2-970-6088