The student and local community together enjoy a campus in open nature
A park-type campus in which nature and rest coexist
Formerly the site of Seoul National University’s College of Engineering, the SeoulTech Gongneung campus boasts one of the top five largest university campuses in Seoul. The campus is loved for its park-type design in which nature and relaxation coexist amongst ponds, trees, and lawns. The campus green area spans approximately 510,000 square meters at the foot of Buram Mountain. Campus development initiatives have been continuously carried out, maintaining local streams and improving roads to cultivate a beautiful and pleasant SeoulTech campus environment.

Progressive investment in education infrastructure
From 2008 to 2016, SeoulTech has built and renovated twelve buildings which now have state of the art facilities. Following the construction of the athletic complex in 2014, the industryacademia cooperation research institute, the university’s fourth dormitory, and a talent education residence have begun construction in 2015. By 2019, SeoulTech plans to build a new research center for innovative convergence with approximately a hundred billion won invested in infrastructure development. Furthermore, the ratio of faculty to student numbers has also doubled from 77% to 142%.

Promoting student welfare facilities
In addition to promoting a better campus environment, SeoulTech provides a variety of welfare facilities for students. In the Central Library, a book cafe of a spacious 330 square meters has opened. Furthermore, with a futsal court in accordance to international standards and multi-purpose playgrounds in the campus woods, the school provides various leisure and sports facilities for students to enjoy campus life. Following the completion of the fourth dormitory in 2017 and the exam preparation residence in 2015, in terms of boarding facilities, the total number of accommodated students is expected to reach 2600, accounting for 23% of the entire student body―thus, boasting one of the highest accommodation rates among Seoul based university campuses. Various facilities such as fitness centers, study spaces, cafés are available in student residences.
Credible evaluations attest to the competence of SeoulTech, a top-tier national university
A specialized university that ranks among world-class universities
In the UK university evaluation agency, QS’s "2016 QS World University Evaluation," which was conducted amongst 3,800 universities around the world, SeoulTech ranked above 701. Further, SeoulTech ranked second within South Korea and thirty-second within Asia in the “2015 QS Asian University Evaluation” for specialized colleges (colleges operating in three or less of the five following disciplines―humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, engineering and life sciences). Thus, SeoulTech has been showing a remarkable growth of more than ten ranks over a single year.

A university of research led by accomplished faculty
The competitiveness of SeoulTech is particularly prominent in the area of advanced science and technology research. In the Korea Research Foundation’s “2014 Research Productivity per Professor Evaluation,” SeoulTech ranked first in the nation. In the research category of the “2014 QS University Rankings: Asia,” the SeoulTech faculty ranked 25th in the entire nature for researcher peer evaluation ratings and sixth for the number of the papers per professor.
SeoulTech wins seven awards in the Ministry of Education’s nancial aid initiative
Winning a whopping seven awards, SeoulTech has been steadily strengthening its position in the government financial support program. The university has been carrying out various projects such as the two stage universityindustry cooperation program, lifelong education support, specialization of Seoul-based universities (CKII), innovation support for national universities, BK’s (Brain Korea) 21+ Project, safety for laboratory experimentation, and the Ministry of Employment and Labor’s work and study campaign. Along with the undergraduate programs; graduate schools, affiliated facilities, research institutes, and project teams have also shown a solid track record and are now securing scholarships and state of the art research facilities for students.

Korea's top convergent curriculum for chemistry
Based on the engineering sciences, SeoulTech is a 21st century institute that specializes in converging science and technology with the humanities and arts. SeoulTech has been selected as a grant recipient by the “Smart Robot Development in an Aging Society” project and the “Specializing Universities for a Creative Korea” project, both sponsored by the Ministry of Education. The grants consist of KRW 1.98 billion in annual funding for the next five years.
With practical and applied leadership education, SeoulTech incubates talents that companies seek
Various employment and entrepreneurship programs
SeoulTech has not missed the top rankings in the annual statistics on employment and entrepreneurship based on the excellent programs of the Human Resources Development Institute and the operational know-how of the field practice center. Through the Field Training Support Center, students can participate in short term internships lasting from 4 to 8 weeks, and longer internships lasting from 4 to 6 months. With opportunities to participate in promising venture companies, large-scale construction sites, and KIST laboratories, students are provided various hands-on learning experiences to prepare for employment and further studies. According to the “Employment Statistics of Graduates from Higher Education Institutes” held by the Korea Education Development Institute, SeoulTech’s 2014 employment rate was 72.7%, ranking first among the nation’s four-year university 'Na' group (2000 to 3000 employed graduates).

Business Administration and Entrepreneurship Program
The SeoulTech Entrepreneurship Support Team has designed an integrated business administration and entrepreneurship program that establishes a campus environment in which more than 10% of all student’s experience entrepreneurship projects. The program further encourages double majors, promotes entrepreneurial club activities, expands entrepreneurial opportunities, and supports entrepreneurial leaves and graduate degrees. In addition, team projects between professors and students are encouraged in research centers and laboratories. Through such programs, SeoulTech seeks to establish an entrepreneurial culture that challenges students to partake in various projects.

Campus CEO Development Program
Supported by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Business Agency’s Campus CEO Development Project,’ SeoulTech runs a quality business program for prospective start-up founders. With courses delving into subjects such as start-up simulation, intellectual property rights, entrepreneurial theory and practice, SeoulTech seeks to cultivate the entrepreneurial capabilities of students equipped with business minds.
More opportunities for more students; Heading towards a larger world, together
Various scholarship support programs
Providing scholarships to 60.8% of its current students and creating 19 campus scholarships and 36 off-campus scholarships, SeoulTech works on various levels to help students concentrate solely on their studies. Over the years, the university has established one of the nation's best scholarship programs. In 2015, the annual scholarship payment amounted to 28.5 billion won, and the ratio of tuition to scholarships in 2014 was 59.7%, ranking sixth in Joongang Daily’s national university evaluations.

Global Networks
SeoulTech has established an academic exchange network with 185 foreign universities and eight institutions from 44 countries, exchanging professors and student in a variety of programs. In particular, the university offers a wide range of opportunities to study at foreign universities through various international scholarship programs such as the International Exchange Scholarship.
Global Convergence Programs
SeoulTech has been operating various global convergence programs by globalizing its strengths as an integrated specialization university. Specifically, the university offers various international dual degree programs such as the MSDE (Manufacturing System & Design Engineering) degree with Northumbria University, the ITM (International Management) and the GTM (Global Technology Management) degrees with Montclair State University. SeoulTech also provides fieldoriented curriculums specialized for various fields of technology management.
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