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Departments offering teacher training program and accepted quota
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Colleges Approved Department Indicated Subject Quota Notes
Total 7 4 16  
College of Engineering Department of Materials Science and Engineering Ceramic industry 1  
College of Energy and Biotechnology Department of Fine Chemistry Chemical and textile 2  
Department of Food Science and Technology Food processing 4  
College of Arts and Design Department of Design Design and arts 4  
Department of Ceramic Art and Design Design and arts 1  
Department of Metal Art and Design Design and arts 2  
Department of Fine Arts Design and arts 2  
Application for the completion of the teacher training program
  • - Period: The end of the first semester, second year (specific notices are issued each year)
  • - Applicants: Second-year students in the departments offering teacher training programs who were newly admitted to university after the 2002 academic year as daytime students and wishing to complete a teacher training program (however, new students after the 2008 academic year for the College of Arts and Design)
  • - Procedures: Complete the application form available at the relevant department office and submit it to the department’s dean
Selection of students that will complete the teacher training program
  • - Selection: Each department selects the candidates from the list of students who have submitted the application based on grade, aptitude, and character for teaching and interviews them based on the quota approved by the Ministry of Education until the end of the first semester of the second year.
  • - Notice: Each department provides an individual notice or posts the list on a bulletin board so that the students can confirm whether they have been selected.
Final determination of successful applicants for the teacher training program
  • - The Office of Academic Affairs confirms the list of successful applicants obtained from each college, informs the relevant department of the results, and finally posts the results on the University webpage.
Details regarding the completion of the teacher training program
  • - Students who wish to withdraw from completing the teacher training program should submit the “Withdrawal from Program Form” to the Office of Academic Affairs.
  • - When students scheduled to complete the teacher training program transfer to other departments, they lose their qualification.
  • - The teaching subjects already acquired by students who withdrew or became disqualified are changed to credits for the major subjects of other departments, and up to 9 credits per semester are accepted as graduation credits.
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