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Special Curriculum
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What is a Certificate of Architecture
Effect of the Certificate of Architecture
Through the certification system for the architecture education, the completion of architecture courses in Korean universities can be recognized by countries around the world (countries recognizing UVCAE and UNESCO-UIA international organization for the certification/recognition of architecture), allowing the holder to apply for the national examination of the country of his choice.
Participating Departments of SEOULTECH in the Certification of Architecture
Major in Architecture, Department of Architecture
* Korea Architectural Accrediting Board (KAAB): http://www.kaab.or.kr
Promotion of the Architecture Program Certification
The Master’s Degree Program in Architecture at Seoul National University of Science and Technology observes the certification criteria suggested by KAAB and is a program that acquires professional degree certification for architecture education. It is a professional degree program that is acknowledged by certifying organizations of the Canberra Accord and UVCAE of UNESCO-UIA.

International trend specifies the acquisition of professional degree from certified architecture education as an essential requirement for registered architects. (Refer to http://www.kaab.or.kr) The domestic professional degree for architecture is operated as a five-year bachelor course or a two-year or more master course, depending on the choice of the educational institution, and regular certification evaluation is needed to maintain the certification.

KAAB performs a regular certification evaluation based on the certification criteria, and the results can be a certificate for five years, three years, conditional two years, and certificate suspension or rejection. The next certificate evaluation for the Master’s Degree in Architecture of Seoul National University of Science and Technology will be conducted in 2012.
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