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Korean Language Program
Korean Language Program introduced by SeoulTech is an intensive Korean language training program for foreigners and overseas Korean who wish to learn Korean Language and Culture, especially for those who are looking for well-designed curriculums with excellent educational environment and services. You can join the program just to satisfy your personal curiosity or interest in Korea to achieve more specific goal such as getting admission to a university in Korea or for many other kinds of purposes.

The program is 250 hours intensive course, lasting for 10 weeks and is offered four terms a year. Students learn and practice Korean in classrooms 5 days a week, Monday to Friday. Classes are held from 9am to 2pm. Regular courses are divided into 6 levels and in order to successfully complete a level, students must pass a final examination and cannot be absent for more then 30% of the course.

The program consists of reading and writing Hangul and emphasizes the use of practical and grammatically correct spoken and written Korean. Dialogues, discussions, and various reading, listening and writing exercises further develop these skills and communicative abilities. Movies, songs and TV shows are also frequently presented to provide students with a better understanding of Korean culture. A variety of social and cultural classes are offered. They include cooking Korean food, taekwondo, Korean traditional and folk dance, making Korean handicraft, and excursions to attractions in Seoul including mountain-hiking and observation tours.
Program Schedules and Registration Procedures
Foreign students or overseas Korean students who have completed (or are expected to complete) elementary, junior high, and high school.
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