Related Regulations
  • - Article 70, University Regulations
  • - Clause 3, Article 69–71, Academic Management Regulations
Qualification for transfer
  • - Newly admitted second- or third-year students
Procedures for transfer
  • - Applicant (Student): Submission of the request through the University Portal before the deadline for the semester
  • - Division (Department): Submission of the reviewed request to the Division of Academic Affairs through the college
Approval for transfer
  • - A transfer is approved by the President after the department reviews the application according to the evaluation criteria prescribed by the department (college) within 20% of the admission quota for each year. (Outbound transfers are limited to 10%.)
  • - When the application for transfer exceeds the quota, an approval is given in accordance with the student’s academic performance in principle. However, a separate examination for the selection can be conducted.
Recognition of credit for transfer students
  • - Credits acquired in the previous institutions are reviewed as liberal and major subjects according to the curriculum of the department (college) where the student is transferring, and the remaining subjects (including Fs) are recognized toward graduation.
  • - The recognition of credit for students approved for transfer shall be limited to subjects accepted by the Faculty Council of the relevant department (college), and the department (college) needs to submit the recognized credit subject status of the student to the Division of Educational Affairs.
Other essential items
  • - Daytime students cannot transfer to the nighttime students’ curriculum and vice versa.
  • - Readmitted students or students who transferred from other institutions cannot transfer.
  • - Permitted number of transfer: Once during enrollment
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