ACADEMICS Undergraduate Administration Summer & Winter Semester
Summer & winter semester
Opening of summer/winter semesters and credits
  • - Summer and winter semesters are open during vacation period, and the duration of classes is three weeks or more
    ※ Four weeks or more for basic academic courses designated as supplement programs (mathematics, physics)
  • - Students may apply for up to six credits within the summer and winter semesters
Courses offered
  • - Night-time courses
  • - Courses requested by the department (must have more than 20 students enrolled)
  • - Replacement courses for language proficiency examinations
    ※ Basic academic courses designated as basic academic supplement programs
Grade evaluation: Same as the standard semester
Credit recognition
  • - Summer semester results are included in the first semester, whereas winter semester results are included in the second semester
  • - Field training, internship, and subjects with more than five weeks of teaching activity taken in the semester immediately before graduation are not counted toward graduation or semester results. If the results of the course were processed before the graduation of the student, however, the course results are counted toward the semester or graduation.
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