Course Retaking
  • - Courses with the same course code
  • - Courses with same designation
  • - Students entering from 2018 Academic Year onward: Courses may be retaken up to two times per course.
    ※ This rule does not apply if the final grade of the course retaken is F.
  • - Students who have entered before 2017 Academic Year: No restrictions
Course registration for retaken courses
  • - Students who have less than C+ in the final grade may retake the courses.
  • - A student may not obtain a grade of more than A0 in retaken courses.
  • - Students who have failed (final grade: F) a mandatory course must obtain a passing grade in the retake class.
Grading of retaken courses
  • - The existing grade for the course is discarded at the third quarter of the semester in which the course is repeated.
  • - The transcript includes all courses taken, with the courses that have been discarded by retaking marked with “R(RETAKE)” (for students entering the 2018 Academic Year onward).
  • - Grades obtained through retaking are recognized as grades obtained in the semester in which the course was retaken.
  • - Academic probation and other measures taken against the student remain even if the grade of the course is overwritten by retaking.
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