ACADEMICS Undergraduate Administration Course Registration
Credits Required for Graduation
Classification New Transferee Notes
Before the 2016 Academic Year After the 2017 Academic Year Before the 2018 Academic Year After the 2019 Academic Year
Graduation requirements Total 140 130 70 65  
Majors 75
(Students admitted before 2009: 70)
70 35
(Department of Business Administration: 45)
Credit Limits
Classification New Transferee Notes
Before the 2016 Academic Year After the 2017 Academic Year Before the 2018 Academic Year After the 2019 Academic Year
Maximum number of registered credits Semester 21 19 21 19  
Academic year 40 37 40 37  
Additional requests
(GPA of 3.75 or higher in the previous semester)
(More than 15 credits)
(More than 12 credits)
(More than 15 credits)
(More than 12 credits)
Maximum number of credits per year
(Including the summer/winter semester, vocational training, fieldwork, volunteering, etc.)
52 48 52 48  
Additional requests based on the previous semester’s GPA are only applicable to the semester that immediately follows and may not be transferred to the summer/winter semester or the following year.
Subjects uncounted toward graduation requirement
  • - Subjects replacing graduation examination: Basic English Writing, Basic English Comprehension, Basic English Speaking, Korean 1, and Korean 2
  • - Transfer students completing first and second year-level courses
    (However, transfer students in their third year who are reapplying for courses that were originally opened for the third- and fourth-year levels but were moved to the first- and second-year levels are exempted from this requirement.)
    ※ First and second year–level courses: Courses with course numbers starting in 1 or 2
  • - Advanced placement courses designated for transfer students
  • - Credits from other department (college) curricula exceeding 9 credits for daytime and 3 credits for nighttime classes
    (Multiple majors or joint-management curriculum participants are exempted.)
  • - Physical Education elective courses exceeding more than 6 credits
Important information on course registration
  • - Students must provide course prerequisites when registering for classes. Failing to do so will prevent the student from registering for the course.
    (However, students may obtain the confirmation of the supervising professor of the department and submit the registration to the Division of Academic Affairs so that they can enroll in the course if the said course is required for academic planning.)
Courses in Foreign Languages (English)
  • - Courses in foreign languages (English) are provided with the goal of increasing the language proficiency of the students.
    ※ Courses in English Only: The lecture will be exclusively conducted in English and will have the designation of “English Only” on the timetable.
Teacher Training Courses
  • - Teacher Training (School Field Studies) subjects, reserved exclusively for pedagogical majors, are offered only for students engaging in programs for the teaching profession.
Volunteer courses
  • - Course Completion and Credits
  • - Course title: “Volunteer 1” (1 credit) and “Volunteer 2” (1 credit) (simultaneously offered each semester)
  • - Course Completion: Elective
  • - College: School of Liberal Arts
    ※ Homepage → Campus Life → Academic Affairs→ Volunteer
    (Inquiries should be directed to the Office of Student Affairs at telephone number 02-970-6046)
Physical Education Courses
  • - Students may not take more than 6 credits of Physical Education courses during their undergraduate studies (all credits beyond this limit will not be counted toward graduation).
Minors and Multiple Majors
  • - Requirement: Sophomore or higher (revised on May 19, 2014)
  • - Application: Submitted to the departments included in the multiple major (or minor) within the deadline
  • - Credits
Classification New Transferee Notes
Before the 2016 Academic Year After the 2017 Academic Year Before the 2018 Academic Year After the 2019 Academic Year
Multiple major credits Main major 42 (Department of Business Administration: 45) (Students qualified before 2009: 70) 39 35 (Department of Business Administration: 45) 32  
Multiple majors 42 (Department of Business Administration: 45) (Students qualified before 2009: 70) 39 35 (Department of Business Administration: 45) 32  
Minor credits Main major 60 (Students qualified before 2009: 70) 54 35 32  
Minor 21 21 21 21    
  • ※ Students applying for multiple majors must complete all “mandatory subjects” designated by each department.
  • - Cancellation: Cancellation request must be submitted by the student to University Portal System within two months from the start of the semester.
  • - Deadline: Until the student’s graduation from the main major subject (for multiple majors, until the student acquires the credits to graduate from all the subjects)
Credit Exchange with Other Universities
  • - Around 12 credits for four semesters and up to 6 credits for a semester
  • - Submit the list of subjects with the curricula (syllabi) of the respective universities within the given deadline to the Division of Educational Affairs with the approval of the supervising professor and the head of the department.
  • - Credit Exchanges Available
Exchange Semester No. of Participants Participating Universities
Regular semester 32 Catholic University of Korea, Konkuk University, Kyung Hee University, Korea University, Kongju National University, Kwangwoon University, Kookmin University, Dankook University, Daejin University, Dongguk University, Myongji University, Mokpo National University, Sahmyook University, Sangmyung University, Sogang University, Seokyeong University, University of Seoul, Seoul Women’s University, SungKongHoe University, Sejong University, Sookmyung Women’s University, Sunchon National University, Soongsil University, Ewha Women’s University, Inje University, Chung-Ang University, Chugye University for the Arts, Korea Christian University, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Korea Aerospace University, Hansung University, and Hongik University
Summer/winter semester 1 Korea Aerospace University
Changes to day or night school (school registration has not been changed)
  • - Application period and process: Students must acquire the application from the department (college) and submit the accomplished form to the supervising professor and the department head or the division head.
  • - General change: Students are allowed to change all of their subjects once during the enrollment if they cite reasons such as job acquisition, change in work shift, or curriculum requirement. Students must acquire permission from the Director of the division or the department and submit relevant documents such as their certificate of enrollment.
  • - Partial change: Students may be authorized by the department head to change up to 9 credits, and it not limited.
Equivalent subjects: Only one subject may be counted as a graduation requirement.
  • - For list of equivalent subjects → University Portal > Academics > Classes > Courses—Lecture Hall > for Equivalent/Similar Courses, search using a “course code”
Course Changes in the Reformed Curriculum
  • - Course Changes in the Reformed Curriculum—New Curriculum. Returning students must inquire about equivalent and similar courses to avoid the duplication of subjects or the omission of mandatory subjects.
  • - Subject requirements are applied to common (continuing) mandatory subjects contained within the academic curriculum from the year of entrance to the university to the year of graduation, and requirements for returning students are determined based on the number of credits that they have already acquired upon their return (if the equivalent or similar subjects are included in the list of closed subjects, these are counted mandatory requirements.)
  • - Students should review the lecture plan of the relevant subject before registering to be fully aware of the subject outline, subject objective, evaluation method, textbook, and progress plan and be able to apply their knowledge to the lecture evaluation upon the course’s completion.
  • - The subject entered by the student becomes the material for the subject registration and grade processing, so students must check the course registration details to prevent the risks of incorrect entry or class disruption once the semester begins.
  • - The number of students for each subject is restricted considering the size of the lecture room, and entry is not possible when the maximum number is exceeded. Thus, students are advised to register in other lectures or subjects.
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