Related Regulations
  • - Article 61, University Regulations
  • - Article 63, Academic Management Regulations
Qualification for readmission
  • - Students who were dismissed or voluntarily withdrew are eligible for application. However, the readmission application of students who were academically dismissed is possible a year after the academic dismissal (two semesters).
Procedures for readmission
  • - Applicant (Student): Submission of the request through the University Portal before the deadline for the semester
  • - Division (Department): Submission of the reviewed request to the Division of Academic Affairs through the college
  • - Required documents
  • - Copy of the abridged residence registration (only applicable for students who were dismissed during their military service.)
  • - Period of readmission
Approval for readmission
  • - The submitted documents are evaluated in accordance with the regulations on readmission, as decided by the department (division), and approved by the President.
  • - If the number of readmission applications has exceeded the available quota of the relevant department, approval is given based on the student’s acquired credits and his/her academic performance (inquiries directed to Department).
Recognition of credits for readmitted students
  • - The credits and academic performance earned by readmitted students during their stay in the school are fully recognized in principle (including F grade). The recognition of subjects that were closed due to the academic curriculum reform will be decided during a department meeting.
  • - When the readmitted students do not agree to credit recognition, the approval for readmission shall be withdrawn.
Registration of readmitted students
  • - Students approved for readmission must pay the tuition (including admission fees) within the period specified by the school to complete their registration.
Restrictions on readmission
  • - Students who were dismissed in accordance with Article 46 (Disciplinary Act) of the University Regulations are not eligible for readmission.
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