ACADEMICS Undergraduate Administration Academic Probation
Academic Probation
Subject and period
  • - Subject: Students with less than 1.75 GPA in a standard semester
  • - Period: After grading has been completed at the end of each semester (three weeks after the end of teaching activities)
    ※ Results obtained from summer/winter semesters and retaken subjects are not counted toward academic probation.
Notification of academic probation and consultation
  • - Notification of academic probation is sent to the student, the guardian of the student, the head of the Department, and the supervising professor.
  • - Students who were issued with academic probation must take part in a consultation with the supervising professor within the given time frame. Students with more than two cases of academic probation must take part in the academic consultation programs offered by the Center for Teaching and Learning.
Limitations in credits taken
  • - The students with academic probation are prohibited from taking more than 15 credits in the following semester.
    ※ However, this limitation may be lifted for students who have taken part in a consultation with the supervising professor through a review undertaken by the director of the Department.
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