ACADEMICS Undergraduate Administration Leave of Absence & Re-registration
Leave of Absence
Types of leave of absence: Military service, general leave, sick leave, maternity leave, and work-related leave
  • - Military service: Students should apply in person at the Division of Educational Affairs with their Draft Notice.
  • - General leave: Students should apply via the University Portal within the deadline (before the quarter mark of entire duration of the course)
  • - Sick leave: Students should provide their medical diagnosis indicating that they require more than four weeks of treatment
  • - Maternity leave: Students should provide their pregnancy and childbirth certificate, family relations certificate, etc.
  • - Entrepreneurship: Students should provide their business license or official copy thereof.
  • - The leave of absence period is limited to the registered period of each semester, and students are permitted to go on leave for an extended period on a case-by-case basis (illness, military service, etc.)
  • - The application for and the extension of a general leave of absence are submitted through the University Portal.
  • - A general leave of absence must be submitted for two semesters at once and may be extended on a yearly basis. The maximum length of a leave of absence is six semesters.
  • - For military service, the leave of absence is granted for the total length of the service. However, if the service expires during the semester, a leave of absence may be granted until the next semester.
  • - New students, transfer students, and returning students may not place a request for a leave of absence on their first semester. However, exceptions may be granted for military service and other unavoidable events.
  • - Students who plan on returning to school, or whose reasons for a leave of absence are no longer applicable, must place a request for reregistration within the given deadline.
  • - Students can register to return before the quarter mark of the duration of the course.
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