ACADEMICS Undergraduate Administration Examination and Grades
Examination and Grades
  • - Penalties for cheating
     Grade for the course is automatically an F
     The proctor reports to the Director of Student Affairs with the evidence
  • - Makeup test for regular examinations
     The student must submit documented evidence on the cause of absence to the supervising professor before the examination
     Makeup examination: Must be taken before the finalization of grade input
  • - Evaluation: Regular evaluation is undertaken at the end of each semester. Individual evaluations may take place under the care of the supervising professor during class hours.
  • - Grades  A comprehensive evaluation including test results, project evaluation, attendance, and student conduct
     Passing grade: D⁰ and above
     Attendance: The grade is issued when the student attends more than 2/3 of the class hours
    ※ Registering attendance after the start of class is counted as tardiness, and three occasions of tardiness are counted as one absence.
  • - Assigning grades: The supervising professor selects either the grade level ratios or the maximum class average method.
     Relative evaluation: Course grades are, by default, relatively evaluated.
① A⁺: within 10%
② A⁰ and above: within 30%
③ B⁺ and above: within 50%
④ B⁰ and above: within 70%
※ Maximum class average: 3.30
 Upper-level relative evaluation courses: Physics and Experiments (advanced) courses, English-only major courses, teacher’s training courses, final year major courses
① A⁺: within 20%
② A⁰ and above: within 40%
③ B⁺and above: within 70%
④ B⁰ and above: within 90%
※ Maximum class average: 3.60 (3.70 for English only)
 Absolute evaluation: Pure fieldwork and thesis research, Joint Management Academic Curriculum, Korean language classes for international students, upper-level Core Liberal Arts, teacher’s training major courses, pass-fail courses
Grade issuance: Transcripts are available through the university SUIS after the processing of the semester grades.
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