Logos & UI
Logos & UI
Logo and UI Guidelines
The SeoulTech University logo and UI may not be used for commercial purposes. Unauthorized duplication, use, and distribution is prohibited. Groups or individuals outside of the SeoulTech community must inquire the PR office (02-970-6994) in advance.
Basic Emblem
Shape of the Dasangwan building + digital pixel + Hangul first letter (ㅅㄱㄷ)
Overall concept: The next 100 years of infinite imagination
Explanation of shape: the first letters of Hangul, ㅅㄱㄷ, are expressed in digital pixel form inside elements suggestive of the Dasangwan building at Seoul National University of Science and Technology
Grid System
The Seoultech symbol is the representative design element symbolizing Seoul National University of Science and Technology, and it has the most important role in establishing the identity of Seoul National University of Science and Technology by forming an integrated image.
Utilization of color
The color of the SEOULTECH symbol is designed to be different according to the printing medium and background color, and different colors can be used to increase clarity when the basic colors cannot be used due to the background color.
Restrictions on using the Seoultech symbol
The restriction of symbol is a regulation for operating the symbol more thoroughly. The only standard symbol must be used because it can damage the identity of SEOUL TECH to change its shape and colors randomly.
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