5 Strategies
5 Strategies
 About SEOULTECH Development Plan 5 Strategies Expansion of the university’s infrastructure
Enhance student success through close support based on data
Strategic Direction   Enhance student success through close support based on data
Objectives   4.1
Promote student management for student happiness on a regular basis
  4.1.1 Manage precollegiate programs
4.1.2 Strengthen support for student activities based on demand
4.1.3 Promote core competencies via curricular and extra-curricular sharing platforms
4.1.4 Promote liberal arts education to cultivate students with character
4.1.5 Strengthen career and post-graduation follow-up guidance
Strengthen data-based career and mental health counseling
  4.2.1 Enhance career design programs
4.2.2 Promote systematic career management via the EPiC folio career counseling program
4.2.3 Enhance student adaptation via student-based management
4.2.4 Establish big data-based student counseling system
Provide data-based student tailored employment programs
  4.3.1 Establish real-time sharing of employment opportunities based on big data
4.3.2 Enhance employment programs based on demand
4.3.3 Promote short and long-term industry field practice programs
4.3.4 Promote career guidance and best practices via the EPiC folio
Support open entrepreneurial systems that can influence the world
  4.4.1 Strengthen lab startup projects
4.4.2 Strengthen the start-up simulation training program
4.4.3 Promote SeoulTech as a university with startup branding based on Lean Startup
4.4.4 Establish the New Columbus S-Tech S School system
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