5 Strategies
5 Strategies
 About SEOULTECH Development Plan 5 Strategies Tailored Student Support
Enhance student success through close support based on data
Strategic Direction   Tailor student support based on data
Objectives   4.1
Provide a tailored university support system for a fulfilling student experience
  4.1.1 Manage precollegiate programs
4.1.2 Strengthen support for student activities based on demand
4.1.3 Promote core competencies via curricular and extra-curricular sharing platforms
4.1.4 Promote liberal arts education to cultivate students with character
4.1.5 Strengthen career and post-graduation follow-up guidance
Provide tailored employment support to provide a successful start to students’ careers
  4.2.1 Enhance career design programs
4.2.2 Promote systematic career management via the EPiC folio career counseling program
4.2.3 Enhance student adaptation via student-based management
4.2.4 Establish big data-based student counseling system

Support “Fit-Stone” entrepreneurial efforts to make creative endeavors a reality

  4.3.1 Establish real-time sharing of employment opportunities based on big data
4.3.2 Enhance employment programs based on demand
4.3.3 Promote short and long-term industry field practice programs
4.3.4 Promote career guidance and best practices via the EPiC folio
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