5 Strategies
5 Strategies
 About SEOULTECH Development Plan 5 Strategies Achieve Global Research Progress
Promote research through human-centered convergence research
Strategic Direction   Achieve global research progress through
enhanced core capabilities
Objectives   2.1
Cultivate talented individuals to further develop the next generation of academics
  2.1.1 Strengthen research support via programs like research competency training
2.1.2 Develop a system to support full-time research for future development
Strengthen research capabilities through tailored support
  2.2.1 Promote convergent research by strengthening research sharing platforms for collaborative research
2.2.2 Assign and manage collaborative research projects in coordination with different departments and institutes
2.2.3 Cultivate convergent individuals via mentoring programs with professors from different departments
. Vitalize convergence and multidisciplinary research efforts for future growth and development
  2.3.1 Strengthen undergraduate research programs
2.3.2 Implement and manage independent research programs for undergraduate and graduate students
2.3.3 Promote connected studies between joint undergraduate & graduate degree program and combined masters and Ph.D. programs
2.3.4 Enhance graduate studies program management
Promote research in fields based on industry-academia-research networks
  2.4.1 Activate joint research on ICT fields pertaining to Smart City development
2.4.2 Promote joint research on biotechnologies pertaining to medical technology
2.4.3 Promote joint research on Intelligent Things projects
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