5 Strategies
5 Strategies
 About SEOULTECH Development Plan 5 Strategies Foster Talented Individuals with Creativity and Convergence Competencies
Cultivate individuals with integrated creativity
Strategic Direction   Cultivate talented individuals with creativity and comprehensive expertise
Objectives   1.1
Establish a robust undergraduate system for a better future
  1.1.1 Establish convergence education platforms
1.1.2 Expand student-centered undergraduate programs
1.1.3 Enhance recruitment and management of new students
1.1.4 Develop and manage the Nano Degree curriculum
1.1.5 Assess and reflect the demand of future studies
1.1.6 Establish smart learning environments for interdisciplinary education
Reinforce EPiC core competencies-based curriculums and non-curricular education
  1.2.1 Encourage interdisciplinary education through the introduction of code sharing
1.2.2 Diversify student options through track programs
1.2.3 Establish ADBL-based curricula for all students
Enhance teaching and guidance methods to cultivate creative minds with convergence competencies
  1.3.1 Expand core courses pertaining to core competencies
1.3.2 Expand extracurricular programs pertaining to core competencies
1.3.3 Develop differentiated design convergence and SW Education
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