President's Message
President's Message
 About SEOULTECH President's Message

The university is a sanctuary that dreams of 'communication,' 'consideration,' and a 'vibrant future.' I will listen to the opinions of all members and aim to foster a culture where diverse ideas and creative thinking are respected.


The university, as an ivory tower for the pursuit of academics and truth, will innovate in education and research environments to support development of capabilities necessary to proactively respond to changes in future society.


Additionally, I will nurture talents who can make their mark in the world by enhancing global competencies and attract talents from around the world to our university, thereby elevating the value of education and research.


As the only national university in Seoul with a long tradition and history of 114 years, I promise to fulfill our social responsibility to coexist and develop with the local community.


I would like to ask for your support and collaboration to create a brilliant future. I wish to build a proud SEOUL TECH together.


Thank you.

SeoulTech President Dong Hwan Kim


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