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Title Future Convergence College Hosts an Open Campus Day
Writer admin ReadCount 544 Date 2019-06-30

SeoulTech Future Convergence College hosted the 2019 Open Campus Day event on May 31st at various campus locations, including Da Vinci Hall and the Centennial Anniversary Hall.


The Open Campus Day event included Future Convergence College Professor Ahn Min Hong and 54 students from 13 specialized high schools that are members of the Seoul Future Convergence Education Committee. Participating schools were Daedong Accounting High School, Daejin Design High School, Gyeonggi Engineering High School. Hanyang Engineering High School, Mirim Women’s Information High School, Seoul Engineering High School, Seoul Electrics High School, Seoul Robotics High School, Hwigyung Engineering High School, Seoul Women’s Commercial High School, Sungdong Global Management High School, Mirae Commercial Science High School and Gyeonggi Commercial High School.



The event started with an introduction to SeoulTech and the Future Convergence College, admissions statistics, undergraduate programs, a Q&A session for specialized high school students on admissions, employment after graduation and other matters of interest. The official SeoulTech student guides also provided a tour of the school campus and explained details regarding the virtual classroom of the Future Convergence College.


The Future Convergence College currently operates a Mature Students Undergraduate Program for graduates of specialized high schools and lifelong learners. Since its induction in 2017, the program has shown continuous growth with 93.3% of spots for the program being filled in 2019. The college has also been selected for the LIFE project for four consecutive years and has secured funding to provide a stable undergraduate program for the next four years.




In addition, the Future Convergence College operates its undergraduate program through TBL (Triple Blended Learning, video courses, live conversation courses and in-classroom courses) to better accommodate mature students. The currently majors available at the college are in the School of Convergence (Convergence Mechanical Engineering major and Construction Environment Convergence major), and four other departments (Healthcare major, Culture and Arts major, English major, and Venture Management major) in 2019.  In 2020, four departments will be changed to two schools: the School of Convergence Engineering and the School of Convergence Social Studies.



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