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Title SeoulTech Selected as a K-MOOC for the 3rd Consecutive Year
Writer admin ReadCount 506 Date 2019-06-30

SeoulTech University Education Innovation Center was selected by the Ministry of Education on May 9th  for the 2019 K-MOOC New Courses with SeoulTech selected for the -MOOC project for the third consecutive year.


The new course selected for SeoulTech is Environmental Engineering Professor Bae Jae Geun’s Waste Management and Processing course, which was selected along with 59 courses (36 individual courses and 23 combined courses) from 25 colleges and institutions. The Ministry of Education revealed that it conducted reviews of courses to be selected for K-MOOC through documents and face to face interviews with a review committee comprising MOOC and academic major experts in order to rate institutional operation capabilities and excellence in courses.


K-MOOCs, or Korean Massive Open Online Courses, started in October 2015 in order to provide free university courses to university students as well as Korean citizens. Currently, a total 523 courses are available. As of April 2019, there has been more than 9.28 million visits, 930 thousand registrations for courses, and 410 thousand members, and continues to grow.

SeoulTech was chosen for two courses in 2017 (Electric Vehicle Operations Control - Professor Lee Young Il, Robotics - Professors Kim Jong Hyung, Park Keun, Park Hee Jae) and four courses in advanced robotics in 2018 (Robot Manipulator and Underwater Robot Application - Professor Kim Jin Hyun, Mobile Robot Perception and Navigation - Professor Ha Jong Eun, Humanoid Robot - Professor Kim Jung Yeob, Drone - Professor Park Hee Jae).


The new courses selected for 2019 will be developed in the first half of the year and provided to students in the second half.




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